The Block has changed our lives

These artists and suppliers were all just quietly doing their thing, trying to get the message out - until The Block came calling. Here’s how a little renovation show has changed everything for our Block Shop super sellers.



White Moose create whimsical and unusual home decorator items and prints. Stocking everything from tiny gold rhinos to stunning, contemporary landscape prints, they’ve been able to get their products out to people who may not have known they existed.

“We had been big fans of The Block Shop during each season, and always dreamed of getting product on the show,” they say. “We feel as though it's lifted our profile and we can't wait to continue to grow with The Block Shop.

“Going to the media launch of this season was an incredible highlight, and to meet with the couples who used our products was a career and life highlight! One thing off the bucket list for sure! Seeing something you designed in a Block Shop house is a huge deal!”

Sleeping FrenchieFlying PigDiplodocus BookendsSand Dunes | Framed Canvas Print


Steve Cross is a Melbourne-based street artist, tattooist and artist. His artwork featured prominently in Ronnie and Georgia’s house, with one canvas hanging in their lounge room, one in the bedroom, and a stunning mural commissioned for their outside studio wall.

“The Block has been a great opportunity to get my artwork out to the public,” Steve says. “Having Ronnie and Georgia use two of my prints - and then comission me to paint a bespoke aerosol mural for them in their backyard - was such an honour.

“I loved the process of working hand-in-hand with them to create two pieces that fitted perfectly with what they wanted to achieve in their spaces. Then to have Shaynna speak so highly of them - that was such an honour.

“I especially love finding out all the different places in Australia my prints have ended up, via The Block Shop. A big hello to the lady who bought one of my prints to hang in her home in Alice Springs!”

‘The Catcher’ Print‘Moment Awaits’ Canvas Print'Blue Girl' 1 | Limited Edition Unframed PrintYellow Unframed Print Steve Cross


Print Decor began selling their work through The Block Shop after Alisa and Lysandra purchased art to use in their Sky High apartment.

“One Saturday morning I was in my gallery in Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, with my wife Lynne preparing for a hopefully busy day,” says gallery Bernie. “I heard someone say, ‘We are from The Block and we have some contestants who want to purchase some art. Do you mind if we film this?’

“Next thing I know there's a mic on my lapel and the beautiful Alisa and Lysandra from The Block Sky High are cruising around our gallery checking our rare, limited-edition framed art prints by well known Australian artist, Adam Cullen.

“The soon-to-be-winners of The Block Sky High featured Adam Cullen's artwork in their apartment and his work went viral!

We became happy suppliers of The Block Shop and over the next four years we increased our range of art and framed prints and started to add a selection of mirrors, including a contemporary round-framed mirror which has literally been rolling out the door Australia-wide.”

Modern Circular Round Mirror | BrassFrida Kahlo | Framed PrintGrowler in Green by Adam CullenSide Table | Pistachio


Artist Sherren Comonsoli’s work was featured throughout Sticks and Wombat’s home this year. Also an interior designer, she recently began working with The Block Shop as an in-house design consultant.

And it all happened because of persistence!

Sherren brought her work to the set of The Block, and also cold-called The Block Shop asking to be included on the site. And we couldn’t refuse! Fast forward and the exposure has now tripled her print business.

“I loved working with Sticks and Wombat on this year’s Block. They were the best clients I have ever dealt with,” she says. “They ended up buying five of my artworks for their house in the end. We joked that the house ended up like a ‘Sherren Comensoli Gallery’!”

Storm Cloud Paper Print Sticks & Wombat’s Powder RoomDark Crevice | Original Painting Sticks & Wombat’s Hallway


Tania Blanchard, a Gold Coast-based artist, has only been selling through The Block Shop for a few months, but already she’s seen lots of interest in her work, thanks, in part, to Ronnie and Georgia choosing to feature one of her beautiful abstract pieces in their Studio.

“It’s been incredible,” Tania says. “My print range has sold well and I’m sure that’s because of the exposure of being on The Block and selling via The Block Shop.

“Georgia rang me asking when the art was going to be delivered and she was really friendly and so nice. She told me how they styled the whole room based around my art, which I was thrilled about. But it also made me really nervous - suddenly it became a reality that my art was going to be out there, and being viewed and assessed by millions.

“Art is incredibly subjective and can be quite polarising, but I felt I had to face my fears and set an example to my three kids.”

Confetti Rain in Ronnie and Georgia's StudioConfetti WaterfallSpringtime Blossoms | Limited Edition Print Desert Blaze | Square Limited Edition Print


Artists Lane sell framed and stretched canvas prints and framed photography from a variety of national and international artists. They have sold through the shop for three years and this year their prints hung in several homes on The Block.

“When the Artist Lane team were lucky enough to get a sneak-peek at some of the houses, we had the chance to walk through in the lovely Sticks and Wombat’s house - only to see some beautiful original pieces by one of our artists Sherren Comensoli!” says business owner Adrian. “We now also have Sticks as an artist!”

'Daile’s Hydrangeas' by Anna Blatman 'Brooke' by Anna Blatman'Fresco' by Brenda Meynell'Yellow Belly' by Donna Weathers


Roofus Australia produce a stunning range of iconic Australiana prints, featuring bold, pop-art style renditions of local flora and fauna. Their prints were used extensively in Sarah and Jason’s hallway, providing an instant talking-point upon entry - something the judges all loved.

“It’s all true. The Block HAS changed our lives!” says Cate Broadbent, the designer behind the brand.

She works on the business from her home in Melbourne, along with her husband John.

“The Block Shop approached us a little while after we launched to be part of the store, and there was the early thought that we might be on the show with our product - which came to pass maybe six or nine months later.

They have now been selling through the shop for two years.

“It’s been life-changing, being on the show. Literally!” Cate says. “We are seriously considering pulling back from/quitting our full time day jobs because of the impact.”

Jason & Sarah’s Hallway'Spotted Gum Blue Pop’ Limited Edition 3 Silkscreen Print Bottlebrush A4 Art Print Waratah Tea Towel


Prominent Perth-based artist Anya Brock has been selling through The Block Shop for several years. Her new series of artwork was used in Ronnie and Georgia’s hallway - and was an instant hit with viewers.

“I actually have been on The Block Shop for years. I am friends with Megan Weston (also featured), and I used to talk to her about it, and she was like, ‘Get yourself on the shop,’” Anya explains.

“The stuff I was doing before was really bright animals, and girls faces, but I am just starting to move into these really subdued and brutal flowers, which I am loving.

“I have just had a baby, so it’s almost like this new chapter of work - so it’s actually perfect that this was the piece featured on the TV show, because it is showcasing this new (direction).”

'Who Have I Turned Into'Georgia & Ronnie’s Hallway'What We’re Compelled To Do'


Siberian-born, Australian-based artist Marie Antounelle has produced a gorgeous range of landscape-inspired resin artworks, featuring found objects. She only recently began selling through The Block Shop, but has had lots of interest in her work.

“My work hasn’t been featured (on the show), but that would be fantastic,” she says.

She now paints and creates full time.

“Right now I just do artworks. I don’t do corporate business now,” she says. “I figured out that creating something that inspires me, and other people, to take action towards marine conservation is basically what I want.

“It has more meaning, rather than just making money.

'Bondi Surfing Light''Bondi Surf Aqua Green''Pink Dream Wonderland'Shimmering sands

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