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6 Interior Decoration Trends of 2017

This year, interior design trends are changing and it seems that these changes are coming at an even faster pace to Australia than they have ever before. If you're planning to update your home for 2017, there are trends to adopt and to avoid. ... Keep reading

An Interview with Megan Gale

Australian Model, Fashion Designer and Actress Megan Gale speaks about candles, entertaining with fragrance, and what she thinks of the Glasshouse new release, The Hamptons Teak & Petitgrain. ... Keep reading

Retailers In The Spotlight: The Lifecycle of a Commissioned Painting

Artist Diana Miller takes us through her creative process of designing and painting a commissioned piece of art..... Keep reading

Interior Design Basics - Understanding the Warm and the Cool Shades

Our friends at Black Mango share with us how to choose the best colour choices in furniture for your home?... Keep reading

The Four 2016 homewares trends you should be leaving behind..

Our style guru's over at Art Club Concept review some of the things we loved in 2016 but should move on from....... Keep reading

Vienna Woods: Bringing Boutique Back

What do you get when you mix the most gorgeous exclusive hand drawn prints with a quality range of products that are perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle? You get Vienna Woods!... Keep reading

“How Come You Keep Painting Bubbles?”

Our beautiful artist Amica Whincop writes about why she only paints 'bubbles'!... Keep reading

Just In: What’s hot in 2017!

The Block Shop team has just returned from a weekend of trade shows, sussing out this season's new collections!... Keep reading

Kara: “I never thought I’d be arm wrestling Lysandra on national television”

Kara has kindly taken some time out to tell us what life as a family of 3 is like and to answer our style and renovating questions (and to re-live her time on The Block!) ... Keep reading

Charlotte: “We both loved the experience, but are relieved we’re now viewers with everyone else!”

Josh & Charlotte first appeared on our screens on The Block Triple Threat and won our hearts with their easy-going and fun-loving nature. We caught up with Charlotte to find out what life post-Block has been like.... Keep reading

Ayden: “Jess and I make bets on which Block couples will crack and during what week.”

We chat to Ayden & Jess about what they've been up to since their time in the spotlight..... Keep reading

Retailer Spotlight: Kristy Withers couldn’t find what she wanted - so she made it herself.

Online Mag The Collective Hub chats to Block Shop retailer Kristy Withers about her baby - Incy Interiors.... Keep reading

Insider Style: The people behind the scenes on The Block in Vogue Living - PART 1

We’re all a bit excited because this month's Vogue Living features the newly renovated home of two of our very own Blockheads, Executive Producer Julian Cress and his Block-shopper wife, Sarah. ... Keep reading

Top 10 Block Shop buys

We select this season's top 10 buys from The Block!... Keep reading

Five buys from The Block for under $100

Get The Block in your home with these fabulous buys for under $100!... Keep reading

Karlie + Will: ‘We actually can’t believe it!’

The Block’s youngest couple made the bold decision to auction their property first, and it paid off big-time. High school sweethearts Karlie and Will pocketed a whopping $715,000 over their reserve and an additional $100,000.... Keep reading

Retailer Spotlight: ‘It’s the only smart fan available in Australia!’

We shine the spotlight on Big Ass Fans, the preeminent designer, engineer and manufacturer of fans (big and small) worldwide.... Keep reading

Julia + Sasha: ‘We knew we were onto a winner!’

From Chumps to triumph! Julia and Sasha have roared back into the competition, presenting The Block’s best-ever kitchen.... Keep reading

Kim: ‘This is something we’ve never seen before!’

In the Challenge Apartment, our Blockheads have been tasked with creating a home of the future, and Kim thinks the technology is absolutely phenomenal.... Keep reading

Kim: ‘The win was really important to us!’

Kim and Chris have won the first Challenge Apartment Room Reveal, scoring a $20,000 advantage on Auction Day.... Keep reading


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