Mini Masterpieces…we take a look at this season’s hottest artwork trend!


Throughout The Block Treechange there is no denying we have seen a lot…A lot of innovation, a lot of high end appliances, a fair bit of drama (surprise surprise) and a whole lot of amazing art!

I repeat a WHOLE lot of amazing art!


mini art the block 2022 scott cam houseScott Cam's Hallway could almost be called an art gallery, Sarah Carter-Jenkins mini artworks lined the hallway with australian native beauty!


Early in the season The Block Shop's own Sarah Armstrong, our girl on the ground at The Block and seriously stylish boss girl, commissioned our favourite Block Shop artists to create their very own mini masterpiece for Scotty’s House in The Block Tree Change.

Sarah who was also lucky enough to be Scott Cam’s right-hand lady this year when it came to styling and designing ‘Camelot’ had been fan-girling mini art galleries on Pinterest and knew they were set to be the next big trend.

So, when the opportunity to create a wall of mini’s in Scott’s Treechange house arose she knew she was onto a winner!


Scott team the block 2022Scott Cam's dream team (including Frankie of course) L-R Spence, Duncan, Sarah from The Block Shop and Scott Cam, Sarah who was also lucky enough to be Scott Cam’s right-hand lady this year when it came to styling and designing  'Camalot'


"Originally, we set out to create a mini art gallery wall, but with so many incredible artworks rolling in we decided to expand the project so the artworks found their way onto walls all over The Block Tree Change! Sarah told Insider Style. 


mini art the block 2022With an incredible eye for detail Sarah set about sourcing some incredible artworks to feature as apart of 'Camalot' and we might be biased here but we think she definitely succeeded.


mini art the block 2022Sarah saw Scott's place as somewhere to get a little creative. Every little space is full of carefully curated details.


"Of course, lots were featured in Scott Cam's house, we saw this as a space where we could get creative, do something a little out of the box because after all we aren't competing in Australia's largest reality tv series, and oh what fun we had on Scott's team.

“One of the best parts of our job is working with incredible artists, whether they are emerging artists or Block veterans, we love seeing the artwork of our artists appear on TV,” Sarah said.


mini art the block treechangeSarah is passionate about art and colour so this project was something really close to her heart. All art mini's can be found exclusively here at The Block Shop.


The Block 2022 mini art Aside from incredible art, Sarah and Scott had original letters found in the homestead framed and featured throughout.


mini art the block 2022Tia Alysse painted the most perfect animals that ended up featuring in Scott's master bedroom and ensuite at the beginning of the season, she has lots more cute little creatures over at The Block Shop too.


For many having their art featured on The Block has been described as life changing

"I know this is cliché, but I have to say life is changing like you could never imagine. To be acknowledged for my artwork and to be able to share it on a national TV show like The Block 2021, is truly special." said Lizzy Stageman, Indigenous artist featured in The Block 2021 and possibly one of The Block Shop's most successful artists.

mini art the block 2022Lizzy Stageman's mini was also featured this year alongside talented artist's Angie Summa and Tania Blanchard.


mini art scott cams house the block treechangeCeleste Wrona shows us the stages of creating her artwork 'Sunset on the Macedon Ranges' from concept to framing and now most recently featured on The Block alongside Tom and Sarah-Jane.

mini art the block 2022'Bluegum' by Katrina Okoronkwo has the most incredible beaded detail on her.


Don't just take our word for it that these Mini Art Masterpieces are the next big thing, there's endless inspiration on Pinterest, but most importantly have fun with this and get creative!

Mini art gallery wallMini art gallery wall inspiration from @pinterest.


With so much great artwork featured in this series we have made it really easy to see all of the mini art available exclusively at The Block Shop here.


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