2022 Art Trends

Is there anything better than investing in beautiful art for your home?

Read on for the most stylish art trends of 2022

Choosing the right artwork for your space can be incredibly difficult – there’s just so much choice! But we’re making it easy for you.

Here are the top 8 2022 art trends:

1. Indigenous art

Andy and Deb featured gorgeous pieces by Indigenous mother-daughter artist duo Miimi and Jiinda in their 2019 apartment at The Oslo. The Block Shop has seen an explosion in demand for similar pieces since. Art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists continued to be a big trend in 2021 and there is no doubt it will continue into 2022, with collectors right across the globe snapping up pieces to add to their collections.

Deb and Andy Block living room
Browse The Block Shop's Indigenous art range HERE


Lizzy Stagemen Marrunga Yubaa The Block Lizzy Stageman's Marrunga Yubaa (meaning sweet rain)  had her own moment when she appeared in Ronnie and Georgia's Hallway in The Block 2021, "The artwork started selling as soon as the episode aired and has remained consistently popular ever since" says The Block Shop.


Pastel colours

Dusky pinks, pale blues, beige, coral – these colours have all made major comebacks in recent years. So it’s hardly surprising that artwork in these hues is trending once more. Whether it’s abstract art, landscapes or framed photographic prints, if they feature pastel colours, they’re bang on-trend. These look great when paired with natural woven textures and stone surfaces.


Lady Love Print The Block Shop
The aptly named "Lady Love" appeared in The Block 2021 and we have loved her ever since at Insider Style.

Pastel Artwork The Block Shop
Iconikos latest prints are perfectly pastel, featured here are two beauties Josephine and Lucille.


Native flora and fauna

It’s so lovely to see Australian flora and fauna getting the attention it deserves on our walls. Artwork depicting local plants and animals continues to be a big trend in 2022, with eucalyptus, in both imagery and colour, particularly popular. 


Generation Artwork The Block ShopOne things for sure if Ronnie and Georgia use an artwork its about to start a trend... ! Two trends are nailed in one artwork here with the beautiful Australian native imagery aswell as that oh so pretty eucalypt colouring.

Overblown flowers

Whether photos or paintings, pictures of large overblown flowers continue to be a popular trend. These look particularly good when positioned centrally in an otherwise plainly decorated room. If you’re looking for a statement piece for a bedroom, floral prints look fantastic over beds. 

Danelle Messaike art
Everlasting floral artwork! These beauties are by talented artist Danelle Messaike

Anna Blatman Art The Block

The Iconic piece , 'Orange Galore' chosen by Kirsty and Jessie in The Block 2021 shone the spotlight on artist Anna Blatman, we love all of her art but the bright flowers have a special place in our hearts... and walls!


5. Place name posters

Place name posters – especially those with a vintage look – are a big trend for 2022. These look fantastic blown up large and framed in living areas or kitchens. Pick your favourite place and fulfil that wanderlust, or show where your loyalties lie.

Melbourne Artwork The BlockWe here at 'Insider Style' might be abit biased but we do love Melbourne especially for all things art.


Let’s face it, 2021 was a tough year. No wonder ‘inspiration art’ continues as a big trend in 2022. Not sure what this is? It’s basically anything that sparks joy or inspires you to get out there and live your best life. Think framed inspirational quotes or paintings of sunrises or sunsets – anything that make us happy!

Clear Water Photography The Block ShopSitting on a surfboard in crystal clear water is bound to make anyone happy! And travel... its been a long slog, but we can all dream, which is why hanging it on your wall is the next best thing.

Palm Springs/Mid-Century images

The Palm Springs aesthetic continues to be a major trend in 2022, and artwork reflecting this is still popular with collectors. We’re talking framed Slim Aarons photographs, pictures of cacti, or images capturing mid-century homes in and around the Palm Springs area. Need inspo? Take a look back through the Block-winning home of Jimmy and Tam 

Jimmy and Tam Block bathroom
Jimmy and Tam created a 1950's Palm Spring's inspired home featuring Slim Aaron prints.

8. Street art/ backyard murals

Art doesn’t need to be confined to indoors – backyard artwork is a big trend for 2022. Ronnie and Georgia used Melbourne-based street artist Steve Cross to create a custom mural for their garden back in 2017, and the trend has only grown in recent years. Many artists – like Steve – are available for commissions, or you might want to consider using decal stickers (just check they are suitable for outdoors first).

Ronnie and Georgia Block backyard street art
Street Art continues to grow in popularity especially in backyards - Ronnie and Georgia's Block outdoor area still very much on-trend. 

Kirsty and Jessie Mural The Block 2021Kirsty and Jessie's Hampton Beach mural on The Block 2021 took the garage area to the next level, we at 'Insider Style' think this was a genius move and cant wait to see more of this in 2022.


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