Deb is the Queen of Vignettes!

Don’t know what a ‘vignette’ is? Ask Deb! She’s ALL about them…

There’s no denying - Andy and Deb are putting together one supremely stylish home. Each week they wow the judges with their beautifully styled spaces. And, each week, Shaynna, in particular, comments on how great Deb is at putting together little vignettes for her rooms.

Deb styling vingnette, The Block

What’s a vignette, we hear you ask? Good question! 
Technically it’s the arrangement of objects on surfaces, clustered together - kind of like a beautiful still life - to add interest and style to a space. Think vases, mirrors, plants, greenery, photos - anything, really! - grouped together on bookcases, countertops or dressing tables. 
They look amazing, and provide a beautiful focal point to any room. Pinterest and Instagram are full of ideas. But honestly - you need look no further than our very own Deb! Here are some of our favourite vignettes she's styled from this year's show:

Deb styling vingnette, The BlockDeb e
ven styles the bathroom essentials to perfection in vignettes.

Deb styling vingnette, The Block

Deb styling vingnette, The Block

Deb styling vingnette, The Block 
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