Check out Andy and Deb’s talented kids!

 Turns out Mum and Dad aren’t the only ones impressing with their vocal skills and sweet, sweet dance moves…

Andy and Deb wowed guest judge Guy Sebastian with their recent stage exploits. But it turns out they’re not the only ones in their family that have skills to pay the bills! Deb and Andy’s four kids also have some serious talent - and Andy recently recorded a song with his daughter, Luca, in celebration of their Indigenous heritage. We chatted to the couple about the awesome track, and what it means to them to be connected to their Indigenous heritage and culture...

'"I'm very proud of my heritage. I’m Australian Aboriginal, from Biripi Country, which is beautiful Taree" Andy tells Insider Style.

We watched the video you recorded with your kids  - it’s awesome! You’re obviously very proud of your Aboriginal heritage...

Andy - I’m very proud of my heritage. I’m Australian Aboriginal, from Biripi Country, which is beautiful Taree. It’s full of amazing people, and amazing scenery as well - beautiful beaches, and It's a cool little town. Deb and I grew up together here and so many friends still live here, or have been away and returned to the area - I have as many unbelievable non-indigenous friends as I do indigenous family and friends. 

It sounds like a great place...
A - Yeah. I mean, for me, I think Taree means connection and belonging - and acceptance, as well. My grandfather was very instrumental in how I carried myself as a young fella - he always used to say: ‘It’s human to be different, but it’s humane to accept the difference.’ He taught us all to be that way. We were taught to always challenge yourself as a human being, and not be aggressive in your approach. Approach everything with love, even if the other person, or force, was aggressive. 

What made you decide to record the track with Luca? She has an amazing voice!
Deb- She sure has! She is absolutely amazing and I'm so proud of her. 
A - Try living with it! She’s always singing….! We recognised her talent very early. 

Deb and Andys Living Room
Deb and Andy's stunning living-dining area featuring the truly special indigenous art 'Jaanymili' by Miimi + Jiinda.

It’s awesome...
A - I am proud of that track…
D - All of our kids make an appearance in it too!

A - I think it has been received in exactly the way I wanted it to be received...
D - Sometimes you don’t know if that’s how it’s going to happen, the internet can be an interesting place but there was a really positive and strong response to it (when we released it). It has travelled to all parts of the world and we get amazing messages daily from people of all backgrounds who it has inspired.
A - It’s been seen by a lot of people - especially a lot of young Indigenous people, who I want to inspire. I want to remind them that what they are connected to is something to be very proud of. I get approached by non-Indigenous kids as well, saying that the song really touched [them], and it’s something that helps me acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, is something to embrace and be extremely proud of for every Australian. It’s actually a very endearing and intriguing thing to acknowledge, and I hope everyone will try to understand our culture a bit more.

Andy and Deb Lip Sync Battle The BlockTurns out Mum and Dad aren’t the only ones impressing with their vocal skills and sweet, sweet dance moves…Andy and Deb take out the win at The Block lip sync battle.

It sounds like your kids have a good appreciation for it...
A - They love it! We are very connected and very proud of our heritage. And the song shows that. 
D- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world - and it’s ours. How amazing is that for all Australians? We have something so special & worth celebrating. 
D - That song shows that Indigenous people are everything and everyone.

Take a behind the scenes look: Guy Sebastian singing inside Andy and Deb's kitchen!!!

View Andy and Deb's completed Block rooms HERE

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