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Kyal & Kara

Keep calm and go surfing. This is Kyal’s motto in life. Not that he ever seems to actually get stressed. This chilled-out surfer dude and surfer chick hail from the NSW Central Coast and have been married for six years. Kyal wanted to be a school teacher but ended up becoming a carpenter eight years ago, and when he made a mirror for Kara, the renovating bug bit hard and reinforced his decision. And so began the three-year renovation of their “old shack,” 95m2 home to nearly 300m2. “It was a dump,” Kyal says. The young couple has a true-blue Aussie love story – meeting and falling in love on the Australia Day long weekend in 2004, when they were just 16 and 17. “I asked some friends of mine to introduce me to Kara one night. I was actually wearing a suit I purchased from an op shop for $5.50. Never under estimate the power of a second hand suit,” Kyal says with a laugh. “I thought he was hot,“ Kara adds. But it didn’t exactly run smoothly, both of them stood there shyly looking at each other, not speaking. “It was pretty awkward,” Kara admits. Thankfully, they finally found their voices and the rest, as they say, is history.

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