The Block artwork raises much needed funds for the RFS


The Block Shop is excited to announce the stunning Miimi & Jiinda original artwork seen during the recent auctions in The Block 2019 finale has sold with proceeds being donated to the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

Miimi & Jiinda
and The Block Shop combined forces to donate $2000 from the sale of the artwork named Gaagal to the RFS. In a further act of kindness, The Block 2019 contestants Andy and Deb Saunders offered to match the donation with an additional $2000 to be donated from their own pockets.

Andy and Deb with family
Deb and Andy along with the kids celebrate the Block auction results whilst their hearts and thoughts remained with the Mid North Coast region.

“We’re so grateful to the efforts of the firefighters in our area who have saved our homes and our wonderful community. We want to give something back and this seems like the perfect way to say thank you,” said Deb.

Andy & Deb, whose house was under threat this week chose the Wallabi Point Brigade to receive the donation. “We had flames just 100 metres from our home and if it wasn’t for the extraordinary efforts of the RFS who knows what might have happened,” she said.

'Gaagal' by Miimi and Jiinda provided a stunning backdrop to The Block auction.

Anthony Clark
, Director of Corporate Communications at RFS said "We will ensure the funds are donated to brigades in the Wallabi Point area. While our brigades have access to resources and firefighting equipment, donations assist with training, additional equipment and the delivery of activities that help the community.

"It will be a great thank you to brigades who have been working so hard to protect their local communities over the last few days, during very difficult and dangerous conditions," said Anthony.

Mother and daughter duo, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood, the talented Indigenous artists behind the artwork also live on the Mid North Coast of NSW. “We all feel strong ties to each other in the community,” said Melissa and she felt there was no other choice but to give the proceeds of the artwork to the RFS. "It’s a perfect choice, so fitting. Some of my family were evacuated but everyone is safe and we have the RFS to thank for that."

Miimi and Jiinda
Mother and daughter duo, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood, the talented Indigenous artists behind the beautiful artwork.

“We’re glad our art has been so well received by the people of Australia. We’re very thankful to Andy & Deb for choosing to feature us in their Block house this year and congratulate them for doing so well in the recent auctions.”

To explore more works by Miimi & Jiinda or to enquire about original commissions visit The Block Shop and to read more here about Gaagal by Mimmi & Jiinda click here.

'Gaagal' available in framed and unframed prints HERE

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