Shaynna: How to Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget

Tired of lounging in the same old space? Style Insider Shaynna Blaze shows us five ways to breathe new life into a living room

Refreshing on a budget is really about looking at elements that will only stay for a short term. So most of the time, you’re looking for things that are ‘on trend’ and available now.

 Shaynna in that incredible living space styled by the judges in the 'Styling Challenge' earlier this season. Shaynna in that incredible living space styled by the judges in the 'Styling Challenge' in 2018.


Look at the stack of cushions you have on your couch.  Rather than getting rid of all your cushions, it’s as simple as changing maybe one, or two. This season you might like the one with the really cute foxes, or you might like to go for a real moroccan look - just get one and that will give you an instant lift, rather than making you feel like you have to wipe the whole lot. Keeping your plain colours will mean you won’t get bored of them, and you can just refresh with one or two that are ‘on-trend’ now.

Shaynna Blaze week 2 Block 2019Shaynna in Mitch and Mark's incredible formal living room and their stunning cushion selection!


Your coffee table is a place where you can have a reflection of ‘you’ on it - as well as it being functional. I always have a bit of a tray - whether it’s a big tray, or a small tray - one you put your remotes in, or a stack of books. Then you actually move it around. Look at the things on your table - what are the types of books you would like to leave there? Sometimes people don’t even read the books - they just like the colour of them, and there is nothing wrong with that! A bright pink or a bright aubergine colour might work really well with what’s already there.

 Couch and cushions Courtney and Hans Winning Room Courtney and Hans winning living room in 2018 featured a beautifully styled marble nest coffee tables.

Deb and Andy creating a stunning living-dining space featuring the rattan 'Paloma' coffee table.


You can change the look - and feel - of your space by changing something as simple as a candle. Look at new fragrances - you might have gone for the smoky one in winter, but when spring comes along, you might go for a fragrance like ‘Gardenia.’ The actual holder of the candle works with that too.

Matt and El'ise Formal Living RoomEl'ise and Matt's incredible and inviting formal living room.


Unless you can restock your flowers all the time, and have the money to do it, it can be a bit hard. So look at plants that can last long-term. Orchids are great - they last for about eight weeks and they’re great value for money. Or you might like a cyclamen, going into Autumn. You might also like to go for a tall plant, like a fiddle fig, or a palm. A monstera, which is quite retro, is one of those ones that really grows big. Look for the sorts of plants that are really hardy, long term, and give an instant refresh.

 Norm and Jess Living Room included an oversized olive tree Not just a plant...Norm and Jess's living room included an oversized olive tree!


It could be that you have matching couch and chairs. You might want to turn around and say, ‘Let’s actually get contrast chairs.’ So rather than getting rid of a big piece of furniture, change one of the chairs instead. You might want to go for a bold colour or a beautiful pattern. It will add a lot of interest to the room, without going over the top.

 Bianca and Carla created a stunning living room with contrast couches and a selection of plain and on-trend cushions. Bianca and Carla in 2018 created a stunning living room with contrast couches and a selection of plain and on-trend cushions.

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