Scotty Cam: I have no idea who will win

It’s still anyone’s game, according to our host

A few of our Insiders have weighed in on who they think may win. But what about Blockhead Extraordinaire, Scotty Cam? Who has he got his money on?

 Scott Cam The Gatwick Scotty has been blown away by just how well everything has come together, pictured here Day 1 way back at the start of the Gatwick journey.

“They are evenly necked,” he tells Insider Style. “At the end of the day, they have all built incredible apartments. It’s going to come down to the reserve prices.”
But then you have the money each contestant has won off their reserve thanks to the Challenge Apartments - Courtney and Hans lead the race with a whopping $40k off theirs. But will it really come into play? Scotty isn’t so sure.

 Scotty getting a tour Courtney and Hans kitchen Are Courtney and Hans now the favourites? They've got a whopping 40K off their reserve!

“As always, our finale comes down to the buying public,” he says. “We have no control over who wins. And in the past, people you don’t think have a chance to win, win The Block.”
He’s got a point - anyone remember Polly and Waz from way back in 2011? They barely won a room and were renovating novices - yet STILL took out the grand prize.

 Polly and Was with Scotty Cam Polly and Warwick 'Waz' Jones Block winners back in 2011.

“We have no control over it whatsoever,” Scotty adds. “ People just don’t hand over a couple of million bucks for the sake of a TV show. It’s all about investment - these people have to build the right property.
“There is no frontrunner, on The Block. It comes down to the day.”

 Blockheads 2018 Class of 2018. Who will take home the grand prize?

So now - we wait. AND IT’S KILLING US!

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