Where are they now: Eliza and Liberty


We speak to Eliza and Liberty about how life has been after The Block!


Eliza and Liberty The Block 2023Fan faves, Eliza and Liberty, speak with us about life after The Block 2023, image via @instagram.


Eliza and Liberty became fan favourites on The Block 2023 from the moment they wheeled their 10 suitcases in like a pair of dooms day preppers!

They supplied the laughs this season and were such an entertaining pair, starkly different in personalities and in search of some husbands they entered hoping not to shame their family too much. 

The girls as they have become affectionately known did the complete opposite and took Australia by storm, with their hilarious sense of humour and complete honesty about their lacking renovation experience the girls really did nail it!

Watching these two go from strength to strength as the weeks went on, the real highlight was the banter they produced with host Scott Cam, who clearly took to these two and their can do attitude and hilarious sense of humour.

We caught up with the girls to talk about life after The Block.


Eliza and Liberty have produced a podcast following on from their success on The Block 2023, it's safe to say these sisters had Block Fans in stitches with laughter, and we cannot wait to listen to, Try Before You Die, available to listen from 15TH Feb 2024!


Eliza and Liberty The Block 2023How could we not laugh from the minute Eliza and Liberty arrived with all ten of their suit cases!!


Tell us about applying for the Block…

We applied for Gisborne last year, but didn’t get through.
We submitted a very boring and generic audition tape with that application, so we weren’t surprised when we missed out. I don’t think we would’ve survived that season anyway to be honest.
This year we recorded a funnier, more organic application video, which helped us to progress through the casting rounds.
We were extremely shocked and delighted when we made it on the show!!
Eliza and Liberty with hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft
Eliza and Liberty on site with Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, the banter was flying between these four. Image via @davidcookphotography. 
What does a typical day look like for you now?
We’re both back working normal day jobs actually. 
We were very lucky to win some great prize money, but we don’t receive it for a while. So we have to keep making our rent and bill payments somehow!
Has life returned to normal?
Things look pretty normal for us again now….
One of us continues to hit the gym, the other continues to eat Arnott’s… can you guess who is doing what?
Eliza and Liberty with Block Buyer Adrian Portelli
Eliza and Liberty pictured here with Adrian Portelli who purchased their Block House and helped the girls achieve a profit of $1,000,000. See all of the auction details here. Image via @instagram.
What has changed? Any new opportunities opened up post Block?
We aren’t sure what the future holds for us at this stage, but we’re open to anything and everything!
We have stayed in contact with so many contestants, crew members and sponsors. We hope to work with some of them again one day!
Have you done any more renovating? 
Absolutely not.
There’s talk between us of potentially buying a house together and giving it a DIY facelift…. but I can’t see that happening anytime soon!
The faces of Eliza and Liberty on The Block 2023
I think it's safe to say these girls supplied so many laughs on The Block 2023, with the most hilarious facials the girls had us in stitches whilst they were in "the pits of hell" and "cooked tuna" this season.
Still living in the same area?
We’re still living together in Melbourne and driving each other nuts!

Who are you still friends with from the show?
We have always been closest to Steph & Gian and Kyle & Leslie.
We want to visit them in their respective states next year!
In a season that was really divided, Houses 1,4 and 5 formed a special bond that continues to this day. Meeting incredible people was a highlight for Eliza and Liberty. Image via @instagram.

What was the best part of your experience on The Block?
Meeting incredible people and making life-long friends was the main perk!
As well as experiencing once in a lifetime adventures (eg. a V8 Supercar hot lap).
Steph , Eliza and Liberty driving V8 race cars on The Block 2023
Steph, Eliza and Liberty pictured driving V8 Racing cars as apart of their Block experience and a highlight of the season for the sisters. Image via @davidcookphotography.
Eliza and Liberty with Novalie from Bee Brave Cards
Another season highlight for the girls was meeting little shining star, Novalie from Bee Brave Cards, who created custom artworks for the girls kids rooms, to raise money for Childrens Cancer research. The girls took an instant liking to Novalie and have kept in touch since The Block finished.

What was the worst part of your experience on The Block?
The sleep deprivation was truly torturous. Some weeks we’d have 3 all-nighters. The lack of sleep would make you overly-emotional and loopy!

Would you do it again? 
With some time off in between!

Favourite past Block Couple?
We are very fond of the twins Alisa and Lysandra… what powerhouse women!!
We also have a soft spot for Tom from last year (Tom & SJ)!
One of the girls favourite past Block heads pictured here, Tom Calleja who headed up the plumbing team in 2023, it really is one big family at The Block.
Favourite holiday destination?
We haven’t done a lot of travel to be honest.
We went to Bali together after the Block so we could get a trillion cheap massages! Greece and Italy are places we’d LOVE to visit next year!!
What’s your Christmas plans? Any fun family traditions? 
We're heading home to Adelaide for Xmas to spend time with the family.
We usually pop back a few times a year, but this will be our first trip to SA since last year.
We think we might head to Sydney for New Years and crash whatever plans Steph & Gian have!
Eliza and Libertys Family
Eliza and Liberty pictured here with their family, sister Scarlett, Dad Peter and Mum Carey Paschke, are headed home to Adelaide for Christmas, the sisters currently live in Melbourne together.

What would you buy yourself from The Block Shop?
Having access to so many incredible artworks in one spot was such a great resource and time saver!!
Favourites include Martin Breeze (dining room) and Michael Wolfe (kitchen).
We were also lucky enough to have Jackie Green customise some pieces for our entry way and stairwell!
If we buy our own house, we will absolutely splash our walls with similar creations!!
Martin Breeze artwork featured in Eliza and Libertys Block House 5
The girls featured artwork "Champ de Mars" by Martin Breeze in their dining room. The girls said they would choose simiilar art for their own house!
Michael Wolfe Art as seen in Eliza and Libertys House on The Block 2023
The girls managed to match their artwork choices perfectly with orange earthy hues, this piece from Michael Wolfe was incredible.
Jackie Green Art as seen in Eliza and Libertys Block House
Eliza and Liberty also had The Block Shop artist Jackie Green commission two of her artworks for their entry way, which the judges thought was the best on The Block, Darren commenting "even the art is happy!"

A perfect Sunday afternoon….
We both love to brunch with friends!!
Outside of that, you’ll find one sister being active… grocery shopping, walking, cooking meals for the week.
And you’ll usually find the other sister in bed, dusty from the night before! No prizes for guessing which sister does what!
Anything that you are loving at the moment that you would like to share with us?
We're loving the opportunity to go out and meet new people.
Normally we’d be quite reclusive, choosing to stay within the confines of our safe and boring little apartment.
Now we say yes to everything that comes our way… from basketball matches to charity functions.
We feel so lucky that people are including us in their events.
Still searching for those husbands though!
A huge thank you to Eliza and Liberty for catching up with us, these two have been an absolute dream team to work alongside all season and we truely wish great things for you both in 2024! And some husbands!
Take a tour of Eliza and Liberty's completed Block House here, its simply stunning!
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