Artist Spotlight: Jackie Green


This week we are shining the spotlight on Jackie Green, who's artwork features on The Block this year in House 4 and 5.


Jackie Green Art on The Block 2023Jackie Green was featured on The Block 2023 by Steph in House 4, she used these commissioned artworks in her living and dining space.


Jackie is a Mornington Peninsula-based contemporary artist. With a background in freehand signwriting and custom-made signage, Jackie brings her eclectic fusion of typography and iconography into the free-flowing world of abstract expressionism.

She creates via two modus operandi — Urban Rhythm and Coastal Contemplation.

Her urban-inspired works layer pastels, neon, lettering and symbols in vibrant creations depicting the intoxicating energy of a modern urban buzz. For this collection Jackie draws inspiration from time spent in Melbourne and other culture-rich cities she’s visited worldwide. The flicker of neon signs, colours of fashion and interactions of everyday people laid out on canvas to the tune of a thriving cityscape.

On the flip side, Jackie's Coastal Contemplation direction draws inspiration from the raw beauty of nature captured in muted, natural tones and organic elements carefully considered to evoke a sense of seaside serenity.  Jackie turns to her Sorrento backyard and finds a natural muse in Mother Nature. Whispers of the sea, tides of tranquillity and the stillness of sands are laid bare in works imagined to bring a state of effortless, joyous calm.

Jackie uses organic coastal treasures found and blended in a mortar and pestle, then applied with natural tones, providing visual textures akin to those discovered wandering the ephemeral shores of the meandering coastline.

Jackies coastal collection was perfect for Steph and Gian's muted tones and minimalist house, whereas the more vibrant Urban Rythym collection is suited to Eliza and Liberty who enjoy being playful with colour.

We sat down with the lovely Jackie to discuss her recent time on The Block.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m on the cusp of introvert and extrovert, so I can swing either way depending. I live on the Mornington Peninsula with my Husband, three boys and a white cat called Snowball. My life is a busy one, that’s for sure.

I love to be active, so I go to the gym, do yoga and pilates, and take regular beach runs to help me unwind.

I have lived in Melbourne, Tasmania, Queensland, Adelaide and Sydney, and all states have impacted me in various ways. I love Melbourne's culture and diversity, from the colourful laneways, fashion and restaurants to the coastal vibes and fresh salty air. 

I’m messy but fussy about some things, usually with paint in my hair and on some form of clothing. I like to be positive and kind, and having a sense of humour is essential in our home.

I have taught my boys to be caring, respect women, have empathy and think for themselves —  plus help out in the kitchen and studio!

 Jackie Green has had multiple artworks featured in The Block this year, The Block is passionate about supporting local artists, and we are so thrilled to be able to have Jackie's work available on The Block Shop.


How long have you been producing your art?  

I started out as a sign writer then went to Melbourne school of art and photography. I had a studio in Port Melbourne from 2001– 2006. I then moved to Sydney for a business development role in signage, I found myself doodling during sales meetings and thought I’d rather be painting then listening to sales targets, especially when the sales manager drew a really bad bus and said we all had to be on the bus.   

I  gave it up as it wasn’t motivating me creatively. 

In 2019,I designed and created a LIVE mural in front of 30 guests for the CELEBRATE book launch for CHYAK, the styling was art it was so inspiring,  it was on postcards, the whole set up and vibe  was quite amazing and I knew I wanted to paint again full time.

I loved it so much and missed being creative, so I took the leap, quit my day job, and haven’t looked back.  


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Many things depend on my mood, and sometimes it’s pure emotion. I love the diversity of Melbourne and the prolific street art scene. Then, at home, I love nature and its raw beauty — the pastel colours of the shells, dark seaweed, white flowers and green succulents. I also love to travel as it’s super inspiring to get fresh, creative perspectives.  


How would you describe your art?

It’s always textured, has depth and features many layers. I like to think of my art as a story or an old wall, each layer telling its unique tale.

I also love signage and typography, so sometimes I include a word or number and icon symbols to add a sense of visual communication. Sometimes, my artworks are bright and colourful, and other times muted, but I hope they all bring a positive and happy vibe.

COASTAL COLLECTION: This is reminiscent of years of sea salt showcasing colours of ocean life.

URBAN COLLECTION: This is fun and exciting, featuring magical colours and always the word LOVE ending in an “X” kiss.

POSTERS: These are fun and positive, usually with messages of encouragement. 


Work from Jackie's Coastal Collection featured in Steph and Gian's Dining Room this year on The Block. Jackie draws inspiration from the raw beauty of nature captured in muted, natural tones and organic elements carefully considered to evoke a sense of seaside serenity.

On the flip side, Jackie's Urban Rythym collection draws inspiration from time spent in Melbourne and other culture-rich cities she’s visited worldwide. The flicker of neon signs, colours of fashion and interactions of everyday people laid out on canvas to the tune of a thriving cityscape.


Your art features on The Block this year? How did it come about? Which couple? What was your initial reaction? 

I had my artwork available on The Block Shop, I was lucky enough to meet onsite with The Block Shop Girls, and we went to The Block HQ, where I showed the contestants several artworks.

Steph loved the texture of a few from the Coastal Collection but thought they were a tad too yellow, so we discussed some options and colours to create custom works just for her.

I explained how I gathered sand and shells and then crushed them in a mortar and pestle, which she loved, so we eventually created her Japandi Coastal series.

Shortly after, Liberty contacted me as she liked my orange and yellow artwork, so I painted a vibrant piece on site, and then she also chose one that was already produced to match.


What does it mean for you to have your art featured on The Block and be a Block Shop artist?

It feels very surreal in a good way and also a bit nerve-racking. I loved seeing how the show worked; the camera crew was so friendly, and The Block team was incredibly welcoming. I didn’t expect that, as I thought it would be a lot more tense on set. To have my artwork featured is truly an honour, and I’m so excited!


Who is your favourite Block couple?

Steph and Gian. Eliza and Liberty. I also really like Lesley. Everyone I have met on The Block, have been amazing and so helpful, overall it has been a wonderful experience to be apart of.

Steph and Jackie Green at Block HQJackie was a Block Shop Artist who had the opportunity to meet the contestants with some of her original artworks, pictured above is Steph and Jackie talking art, and in true Block Style, Jackie got, for a Sunday reveal!


Are there any particular artists who inspire you?

  •       Andy Warhol — USA.
  •       Norio Monma — Japan.
  •       Adam David Taylor — Wales and Spain.
  •       Bobby Gignilliat — USA.


Where do you like to create your art?

I have two studios: a converted shipping container studio at my home in Blairgowrie and another at the Factory Creative Studios in Mornington.  

Do you have a playlist/podcast you like to listen to when creating?

Yes, playing music is important to me — I have a playlist called Jackie’s Random, and it’s precisely that: everything from Fleetwood Mac and Fisher.  70’s, 80’s 90’s  then dance and trance it’s all in there


What does a typical day look like for you?

Usually, I’m up early, go to the gym, prepare lunches and breakfast for the kids, and then go to the studio.

I also have a commercial signage business and occasionally travel to Melbourne for meetings. In the afternoons, I’ll sometimes go for a run and then prepare dinner. I watch about an hour of TV before bed, usually early during the week. I like going to the local pub on Fridays, but now I’m on a health kick, so the gym is my pub.


How do you fit your art around life/kids/work? 

 I try to allow at least three full days committed to art, and if I can do a day over the weekend, it’s a bonus. Sundays are always sports and family days. It can be a juggling act, but my family understands, and we all dig in and manage together. Everyone seems happy as long as I keep my mess out of the house!  

 Jackie creates her art in Studio & Co Space, nice and close to The Block.


What is your favourite holiday destination?


I love the quintessential Aussie road trip up the East Coast to Queensland, Bryon, Lennox and Forster — stops in Avalon and Bondi, then either Tartha or Albury along the way. We mix it up from budget motels to beautiful hotels and Airbnb’s with fibro beach shacks, a creative inspiration for my work.   


We usually like to escape Melbourne’s cold winter and hopefully travel abroad. Recently, my favourite trip was to Palm Springs, where I gained much inspiration from the desert and galleries, alongside Mid-century modern motels, architecture and signage.

My camera and iPhone were overloaded, and the annual Modernism Week was terrific to check out.

I also love Morocco and experiencing the fantastic Artisan wear and rich culture. At the same time, Italy and France blew me away, taking in their famous lifestyle, spirit and food — the drive along the Amalfi coastline next level!


What would you buy yourself from The Block Shop?

This is a hard one, ask me when I’m about to renovate our new home.  I love the Cuddle Swivel Armchair and the Licia Rounded timber sideboard 


What is your favourite house decorating trend?

I Iove mixing old and new.

I love the ‘70s, retro, coastal and mod-pop design cues. I also have a soft spot for Mid-century modern design, but I also like Moroccan, so my home mixes Palm Springs/Mid-century modern/Indigenous/coastal influences.

I prefer to create a home design aesthetic that reflects my personality and vibe. It’s filled with life, warmth and memories like objects from travelling, vases, rugs, bone-inlay side tables from Morocco, and masks and sculptures from Africa. Then I have Slim Aarons prints and a Dina Broadhurst print, to a massive lightbox in my foyer that’s ultra-modern — but it all works well for me. I also collect enamel-baked signs and love my '70s buffet

Jackie Green Art on The Block 2023Jackie's art was the perfect piece to add to Steph and Gian's Japandi - minimalist style house.


What is the most decadent item in your house?

Maybe our Jardan couch and Jardan chair in our main bedroom.

But generally I would describe items in our home as more loved we have Moroccan rugs, bone-inlay side tables, and a vintage table I bought years ago in Armidale.


What is the oldest or daggiest thing you have in your house that should be thrown out but can’t bring yourself to?

 A vintage seat that has a fan inside. I had asked a collector, and it was used for ladies to sit on when they were sewing to keep them cool; their dresses hid it. It’s perfect for a ’50s theme.


What is your favourite room in the house?

I love my big bedroom overlooking the glistening water in the pool and swaying tea trees. I also love my studio, of course.


If you could renovate one room in your house, which would it be?

We moved to the coast ten years ago and have just renovated our home as it had a confused theme, wondering if it was a log cabin, a federation, or something strange.

One day, I took a hammer and hit all the ugly posts off the veranda, spontaneously signalling the renovation's start!

It's now described as “artfully sophisticated coastal living — a  blend of Californian Modernism and coastal terrain”. But I would love a perfect, purpose-built studio in our next build as a favourite space. 


Have you built your own house before?

 Yes, several times. We have renovated four homes in Hampton, plus a new build and one renovation in Blairgowrie.

My husband is a builder @greenbuildblairgowrie. I even applied for The Block and got accepted in 2008, but I found out I was pregnant with twins and decided not to continue with the following application stage. Plus, I think my husband would swear too much for TV!

 Jackie's Urban Rythym Artworks will also feature in Eliza and Liberty's completed house so stay tuned for more Jackie Green Art on The Block 2023.


What is your favourite decor item in the house?

 I have a few. My orange Nesso Mushroom Lamp, bone-inlay green side tables and ’70s buffet from Mum and Dad.


What is your favourite artwork you own? 

ORIGINAL: A Daisy in Dots commission painting of my family.

PRINTS: Slim Aarons Poolside and Dina Broadhurst.


Most treasured possessions (other than kids or your partner!)

 Jewellery and Artworks –  Mainly  items from Holidays African masks, Vases, bowls, spoons  and side tables from Morrocco they bring so many awesome memories everytime I look at them and I love my Gallery wall. I have a thing for earrings and bracelets too so I love my Jewellery.


Do you know anyone else who hasn’t featured on The Block but should be?

 My friend Bianca from Circa sixty restores awesome mid century furniture and I just love it.


A perfect Sunday afternoon would be?

A cup of tea in bed, walking to the shops for a coffee and going to the farm to get food for the week.

Then, the family all around the kitchen bench, a glass of wine, the fire on and the smell of a meal cooking in winter or summer, an outside BBQ.

I like to take my Sundays slowly.



A huge thank you to Block Shop Artist Jackie Green for taking the time to chat with us, pictured above are some of Jackie's recent mural artworks, if you are interested in commissioned artworks or murals, please contact Jackie Directly or email and we can assist you.

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