United Interiors: introducing our California Dreaming collection

With warmer weather just around the corner, we’re all looking for any way to lighten up and brighten our spaces. This means bringing the outdoor vibe to our interiors.

The California cool trend is on the rise, evoking a laidback yet sophisticated lifestyle with an eclectic mix of Modernist and vintage interior design. No matter your décor, the trend can work for you— whether introducing mellow vintage imagery to soften up a colourful and eclectic room or adding a print bordered with a white mount to create contrast on a dark and moody wall, the options are endless. Here are some more top tips for incorporating our ‘California Dreaming’ collection into your home: 

 'Urban Jungle' framed print or canvas by United Interiors

'Urban Jungle' framed print by United Interiors. Plants on can't go wrong!

Bring the natural tones of the desert landscape inside to warm up your space. Think terracotta, rust, and tans mixed with bold greens. Have some fun and play on the retro feels with a vibrant and uplifting shade. Pink is always a favourite! 

 'Desert Family' Framed print or canvas by United Interiors

'Desert Family' framed print or canvas by United Interiors.

Nature-themed artwork that echoes the Cali landscape such as Joshua Tree photography, cactus prints or palm tree motifs, will add to the warm earthy tones and textures. Tip: Add a shadowbox for a contemporary take on a vintage piece. 

Natural materials, textures and fibres are popular in creating the California cool look. When choosing art to match furniture pieces that feature textural elements, plants and muted hues finish the look. Choose imagery that brightens and refreshes the space. 

Palm Promenade' by Ilana Salick. A present-day photography collection by Melbourne-based Ilana Sallick evokes a vintage photographic style of Palm Springs.

Whether it be a black and white photograph of the landscape or an abstract painting, you want a bold focal point that brings drama and character to your space. Think big when it comes to artwork. 

Botanic Fuchsia

Fuchsia' framed print by United Interiors.

Use bold artworks in neutral spaces to add a focal point. Artworks with several colours are great as you can update décor items seasonally by utilising different colours from the artwork each time.

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