It's Wall Week! Meet Grafico, the guys behind those epic courtyard walls

Our good friends at Grafico worked closely with our couples during 'Courtyard Week,' with Jesse & Mel's winning room featuring a mega 8.5-metre high wall of 'Mosaico Digitale,' custom printed by them using bio-resin mosaic tiles. The judges couldn't get enough!
Exclusive "Italian-made technology" allows the company to print almost ANY image to these lightweight bio-resin tiles - even the shape of the tiles is customisable and able be used indoors, outdoors and even on wet areas! 
Grafico Jesse and Mel Courtyard
Grafico also worked with Mitch & Mark, who featured Palm Breeze Outdoor Wallpaper, which wrapped over the existing Colorbond cladding for the ultimate 'Palm Springs'-inspired wall. At over eight metres tall, the team certainly had their work cut out for them installing the entire wall... in less than 24 hours! 
Mitch and Mark courtyard Grafico wallpaper
What a crazy week for the Grafico Team team delivering two huge walls in record time!
Check out all the action as Damian from Grafico presents this week's 'Wall Week' episode below...

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