“I feel sick with nerves”

Kerrie admits she’s scared stiff in the lead up to Auctions. Will she and Spence walk away empty handed?

 Kerrie and Spence The Block Kerrie and Spence are walking into the Auctions with a whopping $15k off their reserves.

They’ve got consistently good feedback from the judges. And now, after the Challenge Apartment verdicts were read on Sunday, they’re walking into the Auctions with a whopping $15k off their reserves. Yet, Spence admits his other half, Kerrie, is far from confident about how things might play out on Auction Day.
“Kerrie feels sick with it,” Spence admits.

 Kerrie and Spence nervous. Anything can happen on auction day, its going to be a nail-biter.

“I do - I feel sick,” Kerrie adds. “Even though everyone’s feedback has been really encouraging. But when you think about auctions, anything can happen on the day.”
She’s right - auctions can be stressful and unpredictable at the best of times. But Block auctions are another beast altogether.
Thankfully, her other half is playing it cool, remaining cautiously optimistic in the run-up to the big day.

 Open for inspections Kerrie and Spence Kerrie and Spence had plenty of fans on hand to cheer them on at open day.

“The feedback we’ve been getting is incredible,” he says. “We are wrapped with what we have presented, and with the final product.
“We have had a few people come back three or four times [to look at the apartment]. We’re not getting overly excited until it’s all over - a Block auction is a bit different to a normal auction - but finger’s crossed.”
We have everything crossed for you too, guys. Good luck!

 Kerrie and Spence apartment. This super luxurious apartment looks set to appeal to a wide array of buyers, but we think a downsizing empty nester might be right at home in its sophisticated surrounds.

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