Reserves - who goes in with what?

The Challenge Apartment is now complete, and the scores have been tallied. Find out who goes into the Auctions with the most off their reserves.

 Block 2018 contestants. It's all good! We have everything crossed that it's a hugely successful auction this weekend for all our contestants.

Here it is, Blockheads - the final breakdown of who got what off their Auction reserve.

Courtney and Hans: $40k (reserve price $2,360,000)
Hayden and Sara: $25k (reserve price $2,475,000)
Kerrie and Spence $15k (reserve price $2,435,000)
Bianca and Carla: $10k (reserve price $2,690,000)
Norm and Jess: $0k (reserve price $2,650,000)

 Courtney and Hans  Are Courtney and Hans now the favourites? They've got a whopping 40K off their reserve! Phew!
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