Got a spare $2 million?

The five Gatwick apartments are now officially listed with real estate agents and open for what are you waiting for?

 The apartments are open for inspection. The boards are up! The Gatwick apartments are now officially open for inspection.

Have a look at the five listings for our five apartments. They all look pretty amazing, huh? Now, which one will we all choose…eenie, meenie, miney..

Kerrie and Spence: 1/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Hans and Courtney: 2/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Sara and Hayden: 3/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Norm and Jess: 4/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Bianca and Carla: 5/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Take a look behind the scenes at last weekend' open for inspections:

 Previous Gatwick owners Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks. Previous Gatwick owners Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks cut the ribbon and officially declare the Gatwick Open for Inspection!
 Scotty and Shelley Crowd favourites Scotty and Shelley on hand for inspections.
  Thanks Shelley....The Block is OPEEEEN!
 Block Contestants 2018 What a guys have done yourselves proud, bring on the auctions.
 Selfie Block Contestants. Selfie stick maybe next time Hans?
 Open for Inspections Brass Bath Hat A+ for effort....the brass bath, well done girls.
  What a turn out...word on the street is the first people arrived around 4am. We love you BLOCKaholics!!!
  There was plenty of support for each couple amongst the huge crowd that turned out to inspect the couples finished apartments.
 Scott Cam Open for Inspections 2018 Eye spy a Scotty Cam amongst the crowd.
 Kerrie and Spence Open for Inspections. Apartment 1 had plenty of fans to cheers them on.
 The Block Shop St Kilda Staff 30,000 customers? No worries #dreamteam @theblockshop (Picture: Instagram @harriehighpants) The St Kilda pop up is in its last weeks so be quick and come by for a browse.

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