Do kitchens or bathrooms sell houses?

Scott Cam:

“I think kitchens sell houses. With a kitchen, mum walks in and looks around - and she loves it. So she says to Dad, ‘I like this house.’ Obviously they’ve got to like the rest of the house, but if the kitchen is good, then that’s a good thing.”

Karlie & Will's winning kitchen from The Block 2016Dan & Carleen's winning kitchen from The Block 2016 - the first time we have had a tie!Andy & Ben's 'party kitchen' from The Block 2016Julia & Sasha wowed the judges with their restaurant quality kitchen from The Block 2016The judges fell in love with the layout of Kim & Chris's kitchen from The Block 2016

Shelley Craft:

“I think, if it was me, I would always be happy to renovate a kitchen, whereas bathrooms are locked in stone. You can change a kitchen - you can’t often put in a new bathroom.

So for that reason, I’d probably say bathroom. Also - can I choose the amount of bathrooms? Because, for me, we’re talking one per bedroom.”

Josh & Elyse's near perfect bathroomSticks and Wombat's second place zen bathroomRonnie & Georgia's colour palette for their bathroom was a hit with all three judgesJason & Sarah's pretty bathroom on The Block 2017Hannah & Clint's unfinished bathroom on The Block 2017

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