2023 Best Bathroom Trends

About to embark on a bathroom reno? We’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite trends and must-have bathroom inclusions for 2023. 

A bathroom reno is a big deal, with so much involved....cue, waterproofing disasters we see on The Block every year, it's so important to get this room right, and to have the perfect mix of longevity and creativity, so for all of the latest bathroom trends and inspiration The Block Shop and Insider Style has you covered.

Block Winners Omar and Oz earned themselves the title of 'Bathroom Kings' on The Block Treechange in 2022.


The Block Shop's Top 10 Biggest Bathroom Trends

1. Rain showers

Who doesn’t love a rain shower? Literally, NO ONE on The Block - all our contestants include wide-headed rain showers in their bathrooms. If you’ve got money to burn, why not opt for a fixture that has dual attachments, allowing you the option of using the larger overhead ‘rain’ option, or a more focused, directional spray via the secondary nozzle?

Omar and Oz really were the Bathroom Kings of The Block 2022, with clever layouts, luxe finishes and attention to detail, these boys kept on taking the bathroom wins.

Eliza and Liberty The Block Master Ensuite 2023Eliza and Liberty took away equal first with this spacious ensuite featuring two oversize rain showers. Shop the room here.


2. Coloured tapware

Let’s face it, bathrooms can often be fairly spartan spaces. But they don’t have to be! Inject a little colour and fun into your bathroom via coloured tapware, a big trend for 2023. Brass and Black are still as popular as ever on The Block, with this season's treechange bringing back silver also with some country-luxe styling.

Hot off The Block 2023, we were thrilled to see two new colourways in the Studio Bathrooms, Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Bronze from Reece. Shop New Tapware here.


3. Bathroom Skylights

Skylights are a fantastic way to introduce light, and give the illusion of space, to your bathroom. They’re also great if privacy is an issue and windows aren’t able to be easily installed. We have seen the 2022 Block contestants use them in their bathrooms to fantastic effect. The overhead skylights provide great natural illumination to their stunning tile choices and adding light creates a real sense of space in the smaller rooms.

Steph and Gian Skylights The Block 2023Let there be light! Steph and Gian had the perfect placement of their Velux Skylight over the double showers!

4. Curves in all the right spaces

As we see an increase in "Coastal Luxe and Mediterranean" styles, curves are set to be a trend that makes a statement in 2023. Curved walls, curved mirrors, curved tiles, curved shower screens ... they add a softness to any bathroom space that will set your bathroom apart from others. 

Kyle and Leslie took home the win in Studio Bathroom Week of The Block 2023, featuring this curved ceiling and tiled wall by the clever Cursio crew.

Leah and Ash curved showerLeah and Ash stepped it up a notch this week with a curved shower in their master ensuite.

Scott Cam and his team created a Block First in the 3D printed pool cabana in 2022, curves curves curves for this luxe bathroom.


5. Coloured concrete sinks

Remember your Nan’s old pink, tiled bathroom? Yeah - it rocked. And, good news - coloured bath fixtures and fittings in blushes, pastels and pinks are making a big comeback. While coloured baths can be quite expensive (they’re a big designer trend overseas), you can still recreate the look in other ways.

Think back to Scotty's pool cabana, he crossed of two trends in one, curves and coloured sinks, Nood Co is your go to for the most amazing sinks, all available on here The Block Shop.


Tom and Sarah-Jane used this beautiful Nood Co basin in their guest bathroom on The Block 2022.


6. Unfinished wood

If you’re looking to introduce a more ‘organic’ feel to your bathroom, unfinished wood can be a great way to bring warmth to an otherwise plain, tiled space. Think timber vanities, stools, bath caddies. We particularly love wooden stools next to baths - they’re practical and add interest to the room. 

We were treated to some stunning timber vanities in The Block 2022, check out the latest vanity trends here.

Timber finishes add so much warmth to bathrooms, this trend is set to continue into 2023.

Rachel and Ryan cemented in our minds that they were bathroom renovation experts when they repeatedly produced high end rooms, not only adding warmth with this timber vanity but also those tiles, incredible details!

Check out The Block Shop Supplier Common Wood Co for sustainable Australian made timber vanities. 


7. Statement Tiles

Gone are the days of having the same tile throughout a bathroom. In 2023 we will see the statement tile trend continue to grow. Mixing combinations of tile colours, shapes, and textures will create absolute bathroom magic, just look at the bathrooms delivered in The Block for your inspiration.

Statement tiles doesn't have to mean bold bright colours, think patterned tiles and mixing textures and shapes, Omar and Oz completed their bathrooms in this style and created continuity throughout their wet areas.


8. Lovely Lights

There was a time where backlit mirrors were the latest and greatest lighting trend for bathrooms, and whilst we still like them, the trend has definitely shifted to lovely lights. Think feature lights that create much needed light at the basin and mirrors, either beautiful understated wall sconces or celiing feature lights are the trends we will be seeing more of this year.

Steph and Gian used their signature Japandi Style in their downstairs bathroom and we fell for this lighting instantly!


9. Bringing the outdoors in

If you fancy recreating a bit of a ‘day spa' vibe in your bathroom, look no further than what could possibly be the cheapest trend to update your bathroom with, bring some of the outdoors in with greenery and flowers. For all of our resident Block fans you will have noticed in 2022 this trend was in every house!  Combining some greenery, especially alongside beautiful timbers, its a yes from us! 

The most cost effective trend of 2023, styling some beautiful greenery, shop our bathroom vases here.  Take a look through The Block 2022 master ensuite reveal for all of your inspo.

Moss wall house 5 the block 2023The girls in house 5 created controversy with their "Moss wall" this year, what do you think? Would you like a moss wall in your bathroom?


10. Fancy Soaps

A cheap and cheery way to freshen up your space and here at The Block Shop we have lots to choose from! So get shopping for your little bathroom refresh.


Here at The Block Shop we love a good contestant success story and al.ive body is just that, the company was created by past Block Contestants Alisa and Lysandra. Take a trip down memory lane of their Block House in 2013!


Take a look at the completed Block 2023 Master Ensuites here

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