Artist Spotlight: Lauren Danger

Her gorgeous artworks are hanging pride of place in Tess and Luke’s kitchen - we get to know artist, Lauren Danger.

Artist Lauren Danger
Artist Lauren Danger pictured in her stunning home studio in Elliminyt, Victoria (Image: Nikita Cherry Photography)

How long have you been producing your art?
Creativity was definitely at the bottom of my list for many years. Around four years ago, I picked up the brush again for health and happiness reasons - and haven’t looked back! My works have always been in the abstract expressionist style, but I’d say in the last two years it’s become more refined to the art you see me produce today.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I grew up in the Otways, near the Great Ocean Road and Surf Coast, and constantly draw inspiration from the familiar surrounds of rolling hills, coastline and its weather! For those who don’t know, it’s pretty cold and wet most of the year, so low-lying cloud formations continually inspire me.  

How long does it take you to create a piece?
Because I paint intuitively, it really depends. Some can take as little as two days and some, roughly a week. I have a one-year-old and squeeze in what I can when I can, so it’s kind of hard to tell. I find if I’ve had a small break from creating, the artworks come much quicker.

Artist Lauren Danger
Lauren recently converted a bedroom into a studio "It’s so much warmer and easier to fit shorter painting sessions in.  I’ve really made it my mission to make the space functional and inspiring" not to mention her gorgeous cat Roxy. (Image: Nikita Cherry Photography)

How would you describe your art?
At first glance, it’s colourful, intuitive and playful. Playful, in the way that art allows you to let go of rules; break free from the norm. My works aren’t usually of a particular landscape but inspired by a combination of familiar landscapes in an array of colour. What I usually find as a result is that anyone admiring the artwork will be reminded of a place that’s special to them.  This starts a deeper conversation with the observer about what’s important to them. I love how art has that ability to go to a level deeper.

Beech Forrest Lauren Danger
"I love to paint outside being in nature just has that element of calmness that’s needed to be grounded and to get in the flow" It's it to see why in this stunning artwork 'Beech Forrest' available in a limited edition print.

What colour palettes do you like to work in?
The artworks themselves are always an expression of colour that I’m drawn to at the time.  \The colour palettes are sometimes planned but mainly created as I go. I’ve found over the years that they’re heavily influenced by the seasons and the weather that comes with them. I guess that’s the role of intuitive painting - I paint how, and what, I’m feeling.

Artist Lauren DangerStudio days Lauren usually splits her time between painting and looking after her one-year-old Archer "while he naps, I create and while he’s up, I take a break." (Image: Nikita Cherry Photography)

How do you come up with a name for your artwork?
This can depend on the artwork - sometimes I name the work a word that embodies life behind the scenes. We all have “stuff” we’re going through, learning lessons and growing as individuals.  While painting a particular artwork, the process itself or what’s going on for me at the time it was created, becomes part of its story. Sometimes they’re named after a particular area, or scene, that’s inspired the work.

Your art features on The Block this year - how did that come about?
I’ve been a long time fan of The Block and I’m absolutely fascinated with the whole process. The sheer size of the task of renovating buildings to a high standard in such a small amount of time has me in awe! I became a supplier of the online Block Shop just over a year ago when the 2018 Gatwick series was wrapping up filming. I was also 33 weeks pregnant and was trying my hardest to establish a good starting point to pick up from when I came out of the baby bubble!

Lauren Danger Art in Tess and Luke Block Kitchen
Lauren's artworks 'Up in The Clouds' feature in Tess and Luke's stunning Oslo kitchen.

That’s great forward planning!
When the 2019 Oslo series began, I knew exactly where to focus my attention - to get some of my original artworks in The Block Pop Up Shop in St. Kilda. I was thrilled that the wonderful team in the Pop Up Shop, Harrie and Sarah, were happy to have me on board.

How did Tess and Luke discover your work?
It just so happens that my ‘Up In The Clouds’ series caught the eye of one of the couples, which I’ve now learnt are Tess and Luke, the Yellow Team in House Two. I was over the moon, I’d have to admit! The whole ride so far has been a great experience.

Lauren Danger in The Block Shop
Lauren making a very special delivery to The Block Shop Pop Up in St Kilda.

What does it mean to have your work featured on the show?
There are some pretty amazing and high-profile artists listed on The Block Shop - I’m so humbled to be part of the pack. To be featured on The Block itself is something that I feel so fortunate to say - even as I write this, I don’t think I’ve really realised just how profound that is! The show only rolls around once a year, the odds of being picked are small!

View all of the talented Lauren Danger's work HERE

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