Bianca and Carla's Finished Apartment

“Sophisticated, upscale luxe with a killer view”

The girls have - that amazing view! Not only have they managed to present a meticulously presented, upscale, designer space, but they’ve orientated in such a way that that amazing Northerly aspect, complete with views of the city, is THE focal point of their entire apartment. From the start, the girls' have said they’re aiming for you a young, professional buyer - and they’ve certainly delivered a space that will entice that very demographic. 

 Bianca and Carla Auction Day Bianca and Carla: sold for $2,991,000 (made $301, 000 profit)
 Bianca and Carla Master Bedroom Master Bedroom
 Bianca and Carla Main Bathroom Main Bathroom
 Bianca and Carla Living and Dining Living and Dining
 Bianca and Carla Master Ensuite Master Ensuite
 Bianca and Carla Kitchen Kitchen
 Bianca and Carla Hallway Hallway
 Bianca and Carla Guest room 1 Guest Room 1
 Bianca and Carla Guest Room  Guest Room 2
 Bianca and Carla Terrace Terrace

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