Grotti Lotti

I’m Casey Manson, AKA Grotti Lotti – the name originally given as a nickname to our messy, divine first born has somehow become my alter ego and business identity.

My art has been described as happy, unique, quirky and contemporary – but I don’t really have any words for it. It is what it is and often my hands work quicker than my head.

All mediums are welcome, I don’t judge however watercolours are my fave! Hands, skewers, pallet knifes, textas: anything I can get my hands on are used in the lil studio in my back yard, to create my pieces.

I would paint all day if I could. There’s often chickens wandering about, children hollering and footballs being dodged as I paint but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My wicked, slightly addictive personality is the reason I can’t stop painting once I have started and pieces are often started and finished in 4 hours or under. I love HARD, paint with my EVERYTHING and am constantly inspired. (It’s both fabulous and exhausting!)

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