Wombat: “It’s all part of the learning experience”

He might not look like your conventional class room teacher. But for the past few years, Wombat has been responsible for home schooling his young son, Jake.

“My ex and I do it together,” he says. “We take it in turns. Jake is with his mum four days a week, and then I take him Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

At the moment, Wombat is responsible for teaching Jake history, geography and science. “And I’ve picked up a bit of English too, to make sure he’s doing his writing,” he adds.

“We work out of workbooks where one page gives you the info, and Jake fills out the next page - it’s a pretty good way of doing it.”

Wombat believes this way of schooling, while not for everyone, works well for him and his family.

“I went alright at school, but I do believe that some kids get left behind in a mainstream school,” he explains. “And I love teaching him everything - it’s skills for life.”

It’s also time they get to spend together - one on one. But it’s not without it’s challenges, too.

“It can be hard,” he admits. “Because you have got to be a teacher on one hand, but know when to shut down. Because you don’t want to be, ‘You haven’t done your work all day, so you’re not getting any dinner.’”

On the whole it works well - and both he and Jake can have a laugh about their unconventional teacher/student relationship.

“Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘How was your day at school?’ And Jake will be like, ‘Yeah, good - but the teacher sucks,’” he laughs.

Wombat is aware that not everyone will understand his choice. And he’s already had people call him out on his decision.

“People say, ‘He’s home schooled, how does he interact with other kids?’ But he does,” Wombat explains. “And he interacts with adults on a different level.

“If he was here now, he’d be having a chat with everyone, because he mixes with such a big range of people. And I find that really good - it’s all part of the learning experience.”

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