Where Are They now: Matt and Kim

It’s been a busy few years for Perth-based couple Matt and Kim Di Costa, who sold their apartment on The Block: Sky High (2013) for $1.455 million, pocketing a tidy profit of $250,000.

While primary school teacher Kim returned to her old job, Matt hit the ground running, capitalising on his successful Block stint to launch a concrete rendering company and independent design consultancy business, working on over thirteen projects in the intervening years.

He also finished renovating their home, sold it, and did it all over again, overhauling their next property.

  Matt went home from The Block and launched a successful concrete rendering business so people could have a wall like the one pictured behind the lovebirds at The Block in 2013

Keeping up? Our head’s spinning just thinking about it all!

If that wasn’t enough, they also successfully pitched their own renovation program locally.

“We wrote and pitched Matt and Kim to the Rescue for Channel Nine in Perth. That was two and a half years ago now, and it’s just grown and grown.”

The show sees the couple ‘come to the rescue’ to help out a family in need, calling on donors to help re-design their home, and help overhaul their life. To date they have completed seven different houses - and raised over $2 million dollars in donated services.

  Matt & Kim's TV show helps families in need.

“It kind of like, we took Domestic Blitz and we amplified it heavily,” Matt explains. “We do every room in the house. We do really big structural renovations. One of the houses, we knocked down eighty per cent of the house, and rebuilt the whole thing in four days. It’s crazy. “

As well as these epic professional projects, the couple also found time to get married, tying the knot back in 2014. While kids are still a ways off, they birthed yet another project late last year, launching their new concrete furniture company, Nood Co.

Nood Co specialises in concrete tables, benches, stools and sinks, all made to be strong and sturdy, but also light weight.

 Noodco products with Matt & Kim Matt & Kim pictured with Nood Co's head manufacturer Chris and all their amazing products.

Matt is the first to admit that their experience on The Block helped kick off all these wild and wonderful ideas, and set them on the course they’re on today.

“On The Block, it’s all about designing the most generic apartment, and we might not have always had the best approach to that,” Matt admits. “But I think what the show did was, it made us see our strength, which was coming up with cool, creative decisions on the fly.”

As for being so busy - Matt says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think I have always been driven. I have always liked having projects on the go. I think you have got to be OK with being a total failure - and I am really OK with that.

“Like, I loved that room we did on The Block. I loved that everyone hated it. I don’t mind what people think. I think the thing about starting a business, is being prepared to lose a lot. And embrace failure.

 Matt & Kim The Block 2013 Matt & Kim shocked the judges and audiences with their 'panic' room

“If you can do that, it’s not a problem. It really opens you up to ideas and change.

“I don’t think ‘You're 37 and you don’t have a steady job, and you are doing all these weird things.’ I look at it like, ‘I am free, and I get to do all these things that I want. And we will make it work.’”

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