What We Wish We'd Known


Dani Wales: Not to get caught up in the drama

“I guess, looking back now, I wish I’d known not to get so caught up in the drama. And not to take it so seriously. If I could give the new contestants one piece of advice, it would be to tell them to all enjoy themselves. Because this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ thing - not everyone gets an opportunity like this.”

Bec Douros: That first and foremost, it’s a TV show

“I wish I’d understood the whole production side of it a little more. I legitimately went into it not even thinking about that. But, obviously, it’s a TV show, and little situations were made into massive deals. Also - just the time management. I think I was a little bit naive thinking we had more time than we actually did.”

/media/blog/2T7A7954.jpgBec and George in front of the cameras/media/blog/PORTRAITS-00811_copy.jpgDan has been a Block contestant twice

Dan Reilly: Just how much work there is to do

“Don’t underestimate the amount of work you have to do. You have to be prepared to work the hardest you are ever going to work in your life. It is not just going to be gifted to you, like everyone thinks it is. You will only get four hours of sleep a night - and you’ve got to be mentally prepared for that.”

Matt di Costa: That it’s OK to fail

“I think, being on The Block, I learnt to be OK with being a total failure. Like, I’m really OK with that now. And actually, I loved that room we did on The Block [Matt and Kim’s infamous splatter paint room]. I loved that everyone hated it. I don’t mind what people think. I think it’s important to know how to embrace failure. If you can do that, nothing is a problem and you can be really open to ideas and change.”


Lara Cranfield: We never wanted to know anything!

Lara: “I think I liked not knowing. I don’t know if I’d have wanted to know that it is as hard as it looks on TV!”

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