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This month we're saying hi to more fabulous retailers, who are joining the Block Shop Family to sell their wares through the site. Every retailer is personally approved by us, so you can be sure their products are of the best quality, unique and totally, totally fabulous!

Read on to find out more about July's fab new finds:

Wisdom of Maurice

Wisdom of Maurice stocks natural homewares inspired by the great philosopher and revered geologist, Maurice Krafft who along with his wife devoted their lives to documenting volcanoes in still photos and film. Inspired by our signature slab, The Obsidian, which is formed by rapid cooling lava, Wisdom of Maurice is proud to continue the Krafft's work by continuing to share the knowledge (and wisdom) of this pioneering couple and bring a piece of phenomena from the natural world into your own home. Think beautiful slabs of Rose Quartz, Algerian Clear Quartz and Mexican Black Obsidia - divine! Using only the best of what nature has to offer, these products have been hand-selected from all over the world, from places like Madagascar, Mexico and Africa. Wisdom of Maurice's stones are real and rustic, not polished perfection - and we can't get enough. We particularly love the beautifully imperfect slab of Rose Quartz, which, according to the site, "Purifies and opens the home, promoting love, friendship, healing and feelings of peace." Sign us up!

 Crystal Slab from Wisdom of Maurice available at The Block Shop A delicate pastel pink with a cloudy translucence, this Rose Quartz Slab is a work of art, hundreds of years in the making

Agent of Trade

Sydney-based Fiona Stafford first fell in love with handmade artisan design on a 2012 trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Captivated by slow, traditional techniques, ethically-sourced products and colourful design, the seed was sown for Agent of Trade. Fast forward to today, Agent of Trade - Curated Artisan Design - is a platform for some of the world's creative artisans to bring their handmade designs to you. Every purchase directly benefits a person, their family and their community - so what's not to love? Expecting a bub? These guys have THE most beautiful hand-made Moses baskets - LOVE!

 HANDWOVEN GENIE BASKET BY AGENT OF TRADE from The Block Shop These stunning Genie baskets are hand woven in Bolgatanga, Ghana by artisan weavers.


Got a little girly-girl at home? You're going to want to check out our sweet, new retailer, Schmooks. Schmooks illustrated prints and wall decals are designed to enchant and delight; keepsakes that stir the imagination and reignite the wonder of childhood through magical lands and exciting adventures. Schmooks was born out of a love and passion for illustration and children’s decor. Based in Canberra, they began in 2009, and their designs have since been featured on stationary and children's decor all across the world. These pieces are bound to enchant your little princess or sweet-natured prince. Just gorgeous!

 MY DEAR UNICORN ARTWORK, LIMITED EDITION BY SCHMOOKS from The Block Shop Schmooks prints are the perfect way to bring joy and wonder to your childs bedroom or nursery.


How beautiful are Seaboards' contemporary, rustic paintings? Striving for unique design, these coastal-inspired pieces are painted on lightweight pine to display the raw and textural beauty of the beach. Using mixed media to create aerial sea views, Seaboards' pieces are strong with texture, the waves taking on an almost '3D' effect. Best placed beside a window, or under lighting to cast shadows on your waves, these pieces are a blend of sculpture and painting - and a beautiful addition to any wall. All pieces can be hand-cut to a desired size. Check them out now.

 RIPTIDE, ARTWORK BY SEABOARDS from The Block Shop Pushing the boundaries between sculpture and painting 'Riptide' an ariel sea view by Seaboards.

Art Lovers Australia

Looking to make a statement on the walls of your home? This online gallery have hand-curated original, affordable art and made it accessible and easy to buy for everyone. As they explain, "Our Gallery is based on our shared love of art and our genuine desire to see artists thrive" - hear, hear! We are particularly taken with this giant purple parrot and the bold, abstract pieces featured on their site. Have a browse here.

 VIOLET CRUMBLE, ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY SHANI WHITE from The Block Shop 'Violet Crumble' (best name!) is an beautiful Original Artwork by Shani White.

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