Shock winner: The Block's Guest Bedrooms Revealed

  Ronnie and Georgia's stunning bedroom took out first place in The Block 2017's 2nd room reveal

It was a controversial decision, and one that had some contestants scratching their heads. But in the end it was Ronnie and Georgia’s glamorous guest bedroom - minus any additional ensuite spaces - that took out this week’s room win. And no one was more surprised than the WA couple, themselves.

“The whole time I thought we weren’t going to win, because we hadn’t done an ensuite, so it’s really a nice surprise,” says Georgia.

“I just assumed if you had done an ensuite you are that much better than those who hadn’t. I thought, ‘How can they mark you evenly?’ But then Scotty and Shelley just kept saying, ‘They are just marking you on what you are doing.’”

  Even Georgia and Ronnie were surprised with the win this week

And the judges certainly loved what they saw. Instead of presenting an extra space, the couple chose to focus on making their simple guest bedroom as glamorous as possible, using Sticks and Wombat’s discarded pale pink art deco lamp shade as inspiration.

They included a deluxe over-sized velvet bedhead with matching marble and brass side tables, a beautiful wild rose artwork, and built-in robes and study nook, all offset with

dark, stained timber floorboards.

“All along, there was no pressure on that week,” Georgia explains. “It was like, ‘Oh well, we’re not going to win, so let’s just do a nice room that’s going to match the rest of the house.’

“I think we just styled it nicely, and really thought out the plan and thought about who our buyer was, and I loved the study nook we put in.”

The overall effect was one of luxe sophistication.

  Luxe styling won the judges vote

“It’s so glamorous, standing here looking at the artwork and the chair,” Shaynna said.

Darren agreed: “It’s a really beautiful room. Timeless in its level of sophistication.”

And Neale was equally effusive.

“This couple has impeccable style,” he said. “It’s very classy, spot-on trend, and they are nailing who the eventual buyer will be.”

High praise indeed.  

  Let's talk about this STUNNING wild rose artwork!

Elsewhere on The Block:

Josh & Elyse were runners up this week, missing the win by only half a point. They proved size doesn’t matter with the judges, delivering one of the smaller rooms on The Block this week  they still received cudos as Neale said, “Good things can come in small packages. It’s a very beautiful room,” he said. “It’s got bags of personality.”

Shaynna LOVED the paneling. Darren also loved it, saying it creates texture and adds real charm to the room.

Neale said Josh & Elyse’s guest room is a perfect balance of vintage and contemporary. He also thinks there’s just enough styling to create the right mood for the buyer - they can project themselves living in it.

Neale’s definitely right about the styling!  Who can go past their beautiful choice of artwork by Prudence Caroline? Heaven! Nice work Josh & Elyse. We can’t wait to see what you get up to in the coming weeks!

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Let there be light with Velux skylights!Stunning blue velvet bedheadBeautiful wall paneling and artwork by Prudence Caroline

Tying for third place with Hannah & Clint were Sarah & Jason in house 1 with a score of 27. Their room with dark grey walls and banksia wallpaper was gorgeous and no doubt would’ve been in the running for 1st place had they managed to finish their painting.

Shaynna said “I bet they’re just kicking themselves that they didn’t finish the painting. Because this looks like a winning room.” She said the room was “beautiful and dramatic”.

Darren Palmer particularly loved the wallpaper and thought the decision to paint the walls dark as well was a perfect example of where contrast works and creates a real sense of drama. He thinks the room is both glamorous and respectful to the home’s heritage.

Neale said the room was ‘very grown up’ and classy.

In their beautiful ensuite they also received praise. Darren thought the Velux skylight was very dramatic and well placed. Shaynna loved the floor tiles, thinking it works so well with the wallpaper in the bedroom.

Neale said the ensuite is a very confident design and it shows that Sarah and Jason have a good understanding of luxury and that “luxury doesn’t just come from the tiles and towels but from great planning.”

Some our favourite choices in house 1 this week are Sarah and Jason’s artwork chosen from The Block Shop by luv for prints, their bone inlay bedside table, the beautiful Heatherly Design bedhead, their 100% french linen sheets by BedTonic, and the luxurious Aura bath towels in the ensuite.

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Serenity art print by Luv for Prints

After a sad week for Hannah & Clint, our rookie renovators pulled off a beautiful and well finished room despite having to leave The Block for Clint’s grandfather's funeral.  Darren said “The last time we saw a bedroom from Hannah & Clint and said it was very pretty - it didn’t go so well for them. But this is much more than pretty - it’s nicely textured, the bedcover is wonderful, the cornice and ceiling rose are great, the styling is excellent, and the bedhead is fabulous too.

One of Shaynna’s comments was that the styling on the bedside tables is superb although the random bunch of flowers on the gorgeous egg cup stool could probably have been removed.

Neale also had an urge to edit. He thought the two artworks above the bed are unnecessary and if removed entirely the room would be stronger. He liked that the room was not ‘bland’ like their 48 hour challenge room, but warns there is a danger of going too far in opposite direction.

Neale thinks the real star of the room is the wardrobe. He really loved the colour choice and thought the handles were excellent choices too. Darren agreed with Neale, the storage solutions are excellent inside with spaces for long hanging, short hanging and plentiful drawers as well. Definitely the hero piece in the room for him too.

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Shaynna loved the styling on the bedsidesShaynna thought these flowers should go!Neale said the wardrobes were the star of the room

Sticks and Wombat boys did a stunning job this week. Despite coming in last place with the judges with a score of 26.5  the boys got much high praise. The standout of their room was the choice of floorboards. Neale said “there are times when only a “WOW” will do.” The judges got all excited whilst imagining the Blackbutt floors running through the rest of the house and think it will look spectacular.

Shaynna said: “It’s hard to believe two boys named Sticks and Wombat could turn out a room like this.” We particularly love Wombat’s choice of 100% French linen from BedTonic.

Darren was ‘besotted’ with the fireplace. He said it makes the whole room feel expensive.

Shaynna agreed. She thinks the bones of the room are incredible - the flooring, the skirts, cornicing, fireplace - architecturally it’s really well planned.

Sticks and Wombat in their guest bedroom100% French Linen duvet in Chambray & Seafoam


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