Tess: “We still pinch ourselves that we got on”

As we near the end of the comp, Tess reflects on her time on The Block. Her answers may surprise you!

As we head into our final week on The Block, we thought it was a good time to touch base with our favourite young gun renovating team - Tess and Luke! Enjoy our little chat with them…

Tess and Luke

Tess and Luke celebrated with their fans at open for inspections.

You guys sure don’t give up - we’ve seen that on the show. And you applied a fair few times to get on too, right?
This was our fourth time applying for The Block. We honestly didn’t think we would even get a look in - we had so many other things going on that year, like getting married. When we got the first call up for an interview we couldn’t stop laughing! We just didn’t think people like us would get a chance to do something like this. When we got the call to say that we were on, I think ‘shocked’ is an understatement! Now that it is all finished, we still look at each other and almost pinch ourselves that we got the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tess and Luke married
Tess and Luke recently celebrated their first Wedding Anniversary - what a year they have had!

What does a typical day now look like for you two?
A typical day for Luke and I is to wake up, go to work, come home and go to bed! Nothing that exciting! Weekends are filled with catching up with friends, family, hanging out with our dog and enjoying our time together. Hopefully, soon we can find another renovation to complete!

Tess and Luke with Josh and Elyse All Star week The Block

"We really enjoyed meeting Josh and Elyse and spending a few days with them. They were great to get to know," Tess tells Insider Style.

Do you have a favourite past Block Couple?
We really enjoyed meeting Josh and Elyse and spending a few days with them. They were great to get to know. We also got the chance to meet Spence, Courtney and Bianca & Carla - they were all very supportive and kind.

Now you’ve finished your home’s interior, do you have a favourite room?
Favourite room in our Block house has to be the bedroom with our ‘porta mouldings’ wall.

Tess and Luke Guest Bedroom

Queenslanders Tess and Luke paired with previous Block champs Josh and Elyse, whose understated and chic fingerprints were all over this stunning, pared-back “Scan-deco” guest bedroom

The Block finished filming a few months ago - did life return to normal?
We came back home and life went back to normal immediately. Our friends and family were so supportive and wanted us to know how loved we were, and how proud they were of us. We’re very lucky to have such a strong network around us.

Have you done any more renovating since?
Not since the show.

Are you still friends with the other contestants?
We are so lucky that all of the contestants became our friends and we bonded over something that not many people can relate to. We all understand each other on a different level, and we all still support each other to this day.

What was the best part of your experience on The Block?
That would have to be the amazing couples we got to meet. We also learnt a lot about ourselves and each other and we have come back home stronger than ever.

Tess and Luke
All smiles despite "the lack of sleep, the stress and the arguing - we really hated that," Tess tells Insider Style.

What was the worst part of your experience on The Block?
The lack of sleep, the stress and the arguing - we really hated that.

Would you do it again? Or is it too soon to ask?!
Luke says yes, and I say it’s probably a bit too soon to ask!

Everything you need to know about Tess and Luke

View Tess and Luke's completed house HERE

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