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Shop sustainable at The Block Shop

More and more people are realising the benefit of environmental and sustainable purchasing decisions. But sometimes it can be hard to separate the 'good' guys from the 'bad guys'.

We here at The Block Shop, are conscious of how, and where we source our products, and we strive to make your shopping experience as sustainable and 'good for the planet' as possible.

We've hand-curated a selection of stunning sustainable products to shop from our environmentally-conscious, Fair Trade sellers - take a look. And when you're shopping, remember to think about these three important things:

WHAT materials were used? Renewable and organic materials have the lowest impact on the environment. Has it been made from recycled materials or can it be recycled?
WHO made this? Were they paid and treated fairly? This is important, folks.
HOW was it made? By hand, or in a factory pumping out pollution?


 CERAMIC FAIRTRADE PLATE, MATT BLACK  ONE ANOTHER from The Block Shop 'Ceramic Plate' from One Another "Kneading the clay to glazing, every step is done by hand to preserve the traditional pottery skills of our Nepalese partners 25 year old family run workshop".
 JONQUIL PLISSÉ QUILT SET 100% ORGANIC COTTON & FAIRTRADE from The Block Shop Jonquil 'Plissé Quilt Set' Made from 100% GOTS certified cotton with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes. Made ethically using Fair Trade™ Certified cotton.
 CAPRI ORGANIC COTTON BATH TOWEL BY AEGEAN LOOM from The Block Shop Aegean Loom towels make it easy to create the look you want. Woven by artisan weavers in a plush loop weave, making it thick and absorbent. Pictured the 'Capri' organic cotton bath towel.
 AFRICAN GRASS FAIRTRADE BASKETS, NATURAL & BLACK  COLLECTIVE SOL from The Block Shop Each basket is woven with care and love with natural Milulu Grass. Collective Sol believe in making a difference, so each basket is ethically sourced from Fair Trade Federation Members ensuring the crafters of these baskets are paid fair market prices.
 BATUKO RIM BOWL SMALL, TANGELO  by OON from The Block Shop Sustainability and environment are priority for Oon, all items are made of eco-friendly, sustainable materials only like these 'Bakuto Rim Bowls' 100% NZ wool felt, made by hands!
 MAASAI DISC BY AGENT OF TRADE, WALL HANGING  by AGENT OF TRADE from The Block Shop By purchasing a Sidai Designs product from Agent of Trade, you're driving the demand that preserves the beading tradition, resulting in economic sustainability for Maasai women and their families in Tanzania.
 HANDMADE HEMP BLOOM RUG by GALLERY EIGHT LOVES from The Block Shop Using beautiful soft Bangladeshi hemp, traditionally woven and hand stitched by artisans in India, these stunning hemp rugs have been handmade the same way for hundreds of years.

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