Shelley weighs in on what’s hot - and what’s not

So go on - dish. What style trends are you well and truly over? We’re guessing you see a lot on The Block...

Geometrics, rose gold, brass...But actually, it’s not even that - I’d like to see all trends go away, and people start to decorate their homes with more personal items again.

Wait, really?
There has been this real disappearance of character or personality in houses. Everyone has been doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact home fashion is turning over so fast these days, and there are so many great, cheap ways to redecorate your home. But in the same respect - don’t lose your personality. And don’t lose the sentimental things.

All trends are great, as long as they work in with your existing personality. Don’t overdo anything.

How can people go about injecting their own personality into their homes?

Collect things. That could be anything from photos, right through to collectables or antiques. It’s finding that balance. Making it not too trendy, or too antiquated. There is never really a situation in real life like The Block, where you start from absolute scratch - there will always be that one item in there that came from an existing relationship, or building. Collect those key pieces that really mean something to you, and tie them in with the latest trends.


Are there any particular ‘trends’ you ARE excited about this year?

It’s tough where I live, up here in here in Byron [Bay]. We have four or five homewares stores that are all in that ‘new-luxe’, ‘travel’, ‘boho’ vibe. We’re talking, lots of feathers and crochet - so we are very pigeonholed. But it suits our environment, and most of the architecture here. I love coming to Melbourne to see all these high fashion trends in homes, and all the dark colours. As for trends this year - I think there will be more velvets around. Green is huge - the Pantone colour of the year. And I have always loved that Palm Springs look - a little bit retro.


This velvet green cushion from Linen & Moore is two trends of 2017 that Shelley is excited aboutThese beautiful canvas prints from Urban Road are perfect for the retro Palm Springs lookAdd a pop of plant life onto your walls with these hanging plant pots from Slab HomewaresAdd a touch of Palm Springs to your lounge room with these gorgeous Greg Natale cushion covers

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