Ronnie & Georgia: It was hard to Leave

The Block is a hard slog for all the contestants. But when you factor in a family left behind for several months, it’s extra difficult. Doing it particularly tough this year are Georgia and Ronnie, who have had to say goodbye to their three kids in Perth to relocate to the other side of the country for the duration of the show.

“Leo is four and a half, five soon. And Charlotte is two and a half. It was hard to leave,” says Georgia, who is also stepmum to Ronnie’s son Giord, 16, from a previous marriage.

Like our other Blockhead parents this year, Clint and Hannah, and Sarah and Jason, the Perth contestants say the sole reason they’re doing the show is to get ahead for their family.

The way I am going to try to calm Georgia down [about being away from them], is to remind her that we want our children to go to good schools,” says Ronnie. “That’s our main motivation. But also - it’s going to be such a good experience.

The couple admit that in the past they’ve both watched the show and thought, ‘I could do that.’ But the timing hasn’t been right to apply. Their kids were too small, and they had other reno projects on the boil. But this year, they were determined to take the plunge. In part, because Georgia couldn’t handle another year NOT watching the show!
“I have watched every single season, and Georgia has watched the last couple of seasons, but she couldn’t always watch it - because she gets very verbal,” Ronnie laughs.

“You know that feeling when you feel like you’re missing out? I’d be like, ‘We could do that! Why are we not doing that?’” Georgia adds. “But it used to irritate me, and I couldn’t watch it.

Georgia with Leo, Giordy & CharlotteFlipping houses is what Georgia and Ronnie love to do with their familyRenovating is an excellent way of entertaining toddlersGiordy helps Georgia with tilingGiordy with the jackhammerRonnie with Leo, Giordy and baby Charlotte


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