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Midweek Minute with Kyal and Kara

What did you think of the other rooms?

Kara: We loved the idea of Chantelle and Steve’s parquetry wall, but it could have done a bit better.
Kyal: The finish and the materials were the wrong choice, I reckon.
Kara: And we loved the boys’ cabinet, such good storage. The girls’ artwork was great, but a bit big.

What was your favourite part of your winning week?
Kara: We scared the crap out of Steve. I hid under the mattress with the twins, and Kyal called Steve in to help him move the bed. Then we jumped out and he went white. That’s what happens at 3am on The Block, we scare people.

What's one Melbourne store you couldn't live without?
Kara: Zuster, they were a massive help with our elimination challenge and then throughout The Block.

What was your favourite item this week?
Kara: Our artwork by Lindsay Blamey is pretty special, and we really like the concrete pendant lights, they look like paper.