Meet Will & Karlie

Are you excited for The Block?

Karlie: “We’re pumped for The Block, it’s going to be such a cool experience, I think we’re definitely going to fight, we’re going to bite each other’s heads off but it’s going to make us stronger as a couple.”

Will: “It’s going to be a hard challenge but it’s a new door opening for us and it’s something new to experience. We’ve been together for nine years now so it’s something new to do together.”

Have you renovated before?

Will: “We have only just started. We’ve painted about three rooms and scraped some paint so we’re still fairly new to the game."

Karlie: “We’ve just bought our first house a few months back, so we’ve only just gotten started, haven’t designed any rooms or anything like that."

Will: “The Block will help hopefully.”

Have you done anything to prepare for The Block?

Will: “We’ve both said to each other that every night we’re going to go to bed happy, start the next day that way.”

Karlie: “No matter what was said.”

Will: “We’ve been looking at different design styles to figure out one we like so we can create a whole unit rather than just a bedroom.”

Karlie: “We’ve been buying magazines and trawling through Instagram and Pinterest – trying to do our research.”

What’s a day in your life like?

Will: “I’m an electrician, so I wake up early when it’s dark, go to work, hands on, very physical, a lot of jobs, fast paced and challenging, then I go home and have a nap.”

Karlie: “He loves an afternoon nap! I work in an office the majority of the time but then I’m out on construction sites in my hard hat and boots to assess progress claims. Then when I get home from work we hang out with friends, get dinner. If we’re not with friends we’re painting."

Will: “We hate painting!”

Is that a good thing that you hate painting?

Karlie: “It’s going to be a struggle."

Will: “We’re going to have to try and love painting; I’ll probably become a professional painter in the end.”

Karlie: “We’re going to have to paint the rest of our house when we go back anyway.”

Do you have a specific design style?

Will: “Pinks and purples – love them.”

Karlie: “Our design style is industrial minimalist, but still sort of homely so we like all the timbers, blacks, greys, whites. Still keep the palette simple but then a pop of something quirky to give the room personality.”

Do you have any secret weapons up your sleeve to wow the judges?

Will: “Yes we do and we’re going to keep it quiet. We’ve got a couple of little things tucked away.”

Karlie: “Hopefully we’ll wow the judges with them. We’re very tight lipped about them, we’re not giving any secrets away.”

Are you competitive?

Will: “I’m very competitive. Sport, work, with friends, with Karlie – I’m a competitive person. Karlie’s more laidback and chilled but I reckon The Block’s going to make her more competitive."

Karlie: “Definitely, we’re in it to win.”

Will: “I think she’ll show everyone who’s the boss.”

How would you describe each other’s personalities?

Karlie: “Will’s personality in one work is larrikin.”

Will: “In one word, I think Karlie’s personality is beautiful. You’re nice; you’re kind and soft-hearted.”

What is one item you couldn’t live without?

Karlie: “One item I couldn’t live without is Will. But if I had to choose an item it would be mascara.”

Will: “One item I couldn’t live without I think is my phone. I like to be in contact with friends and family.”

Who is the boss?

Will: “She’s the boss.”

Karlie: “Oh I was going to say you.”

Will: “It’s on the fence.”

Karlie: “I think it depends what the situation is.”

Will: “If it’s building and construction maybe me but if it’s design then maybe Karlie.”

Do you have any phobias?

Will: “I have a weird thing that I can’t stand sloths. They freak me out. In terms of The Block I’m fine though.”

Karlie: “I actually don’t like the feeling of dust on my hands – I’m a bit funny with that.”

Will: “You’re in for a rude awakening babe.”

Karlie: “I know!”

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