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Ronnie & Georgia from The Block and their fab renovation

Dear Ronnie & Georgia,

The Block Shop team wishes you every success at the auctions this weekend. What a wonderful house you have created!

Lots of love,

Blockshoppers ❤️

Ronnie & Georgia's week 1 bathroom The Block 2017 The black and white colour palette Ronnie & Georgia chose for their bathroom is striking
Ronnie & Georgia's wining guest bedroom week 2 The Block 2017 Ronnie and Georgia's stunning bedroom took out first place in The Block 2017's 2nd room reveal
Ronnie & Georgia's kids bedroom week 3 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's kids bedroom scored the first score of 10 in the series
Ronnie & Georgia's sitting room week 4 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia couldn't complete the hat trick when presenting their sitting room in week four
Ronnie & Georgia's lounge/dining room week 5 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's almost perfect living/dining room
Ronnie & Georgia's master bedroom week 6 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's stylish master bedroom
Ronnie & Georgia's kitchen from week 7 of The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's knockout kitchen
Ronnie & Georgia's hallway week 8 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's hallway has a sense of drama & understated elegance
Ronnie & Georgia's second guest bedroom week 9 The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's winning second guest bedroom
Ronnie & Georgia's backyard week 10 of The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's resort styled backyard
Ronnie & Georgia's studio week 11 of The Block 2017 Ronnie & Georgia's winning studio
Ronnie & Georgia's front garden week 12 of The Block 2017 Va va voom is what Darren Palmer said entering Ronnie & Georgia's front yard

Ronnie & Georgia restyled their week four sitting room:

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