Kara: ‘We are feeling exhausted, but confident!’

The Super Ks are unstoppable, scoring 20 out of 20 for an elegant master bedroom. With the Grand Final just around the corner, do they have what it takes to be our first-ever Reno Rumble champions?

“We are feeling exhausted, but confident,” Kara tells The Reno Rumble Shop. “We’ve worked with Josh and Jenna for four weeks now, and we feel like we’re a good team.”

During their time on the show, Kyal and Kara have proven that there’s no one way to design a space. They have let their homeowner gifts inform their design decisions, and this week’s no different.

“Our brief was understated elegance and we were given the big bedframe as a gift,” Kara explains.

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“We wanted to use lots of texture as opposed to colour to create that understated elegance the judges were talking about,” she says.

“We thought the bedhead would look great against a rendered wall. We chose it instead of adding art, which may have been quite busy.”

It’s one thing we’ve heard time and time again from our judges this series: what works for one space mightn’t always work in another, and Kara’s instincts have served her well on Reno Rumble. She combined the bed with elegant pendant lights and bedsides to bring the understated elegance brief to life.

“The rendered wall is my favourite feature,” she says.

But aesthetics are only part of what makes a space work – function is also important. The homeowner really wanted to be able to watch TV in her bedroom, and the Super Ks had to consider that.

“Part of the brief was that the homeowner loves watching television in bed, so I thought, because it’s not the largest room, we could mount the television and have a unit that runs the whole length of the wall,” Kara says. “It’s a great use of space and the caesarstone is quite elegant.”

And we can’t go past that rug – it’s the perfect choice of colour and texture for the room. The Reno Rumble Shop has a vast array of rugs available and they’re a great way to add warmth and colour to a space.

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