Jenna + Chris: ‘We weren’t going to finish!’

Sydneysiders Jenna and Chris have done the impossible: turning around a crazy week on The Block: Glasshouse to reveal a perfect main bathroom.

“To start with, we were confident,” Chris tells us. “We had a pretty positive response from the judges in the first week.”

“It was sort of like we knew the process a little better,” Jenna adds. “We were still obviously cautious.”

They definitely had reason to be. Scott Cam set the ten Block newbies a massive task: the main bathroom… in Week Two! Our Blockheads delivered five stunning rooms but that didn’t stop Scotty worrying along the way, and well…

“There was so much craziness,” Jenna admits. “There was a time in the car where I actually said, ‘I think we need to come to terms with actually not finishing,’ and then to get 30 out of 30… It just shows you the rollercoaster of The Block.”

Jenna and Chris stunned the judges with the first perfect room of The Block: Glasshouse, and the result stunned them!

“With the first 10, we were like, ‘What?’ Then we saw the second one, and were thinking, ‘No way!’ And then when he went to write the final score, I was like, ‘If we get 30 out of 30…’ When he turned the board around and yep, 30 out of 30, we were just…’ Jenna sighs.

“We were speechless,” Chris explains.

Jenna laughs, “I think our faces just said, ‘Oh my god!’”

Our judges weren’t speechless though, showering Chris and Jenna’s main bathroom with praise. According to Shaynna Blaze, “there is nothing in the room that buyers won’t lose their minds over”, singling out their “perfect” bespoke pendants, available now here at the Block Shop.

Neale Whitaker called it the “million-dollar bathroom”. The judges were wowed by the extraordinary level of sophistication, from their purchases right down to the fittings. Jenna and Chris were fearless in their design choices, and their decision to use an industrial steel bar as a shower head? “Brilliant.”

“That’s one of our favourite features,” Jenna says. “That was an original idea and we pushed for it. There were so many occasions when people suggested we do it differently, so when it turned out great, it was definitely a big win for us.”

“And I loved our light void,” Chris adds. “It gives that outdoor feel, indoors.”

Shaynna agreed, describing it as, “the perfect Melbourne outdoor shower.” Because you’re inside.

And now with the week over, Jenna and Chris have some extra cash in their wallet and a spring in their step.

“For the past two weeks, we’ve sort of been flying and not really sure of what we’re doing,” Jenna confides.

“We wanted to find our feet, and now that we’ve got 30 out of 30, I think we’ve found them. We’ve established the style we want for the rest of the house. We want to keep the industrial feel going.”

And we can’t wait to see what they come up with. Congrats Jenna and Chris!

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