Jason and Sarah Kicked Off The Block?

Jason & Sarah in their unfinished master bedroom


Will Sarah and Jason be the first couple in Block history to be kicked off the show? It’s a very real possibility after Scotty read them the riot act at on Sunday. They now have to finish their master bedroom, ensuite AND kitchen in one week. But is it even possible?


Sarah and Jason gave up this week - and the judges weren’t happy about it, awarding them three big, fat zeros at room reveal on Sunday. But their wrath was nothing compared to Scotty’s - he rounded on the couple angrily at The Block HQ, offering them an ultimatum - “finish your master bedroom AND kitchen this week, or you’ll be the first couple in Block history to be kicked off the show.”

But does he really have the power to do this?

“I can kick people off The Block when I feel like they aren’t putting in 100 per cent,” he tells Insider Style. “Someone else would cherish the opportunity to get on The Block. If you’re not prepared to put in 100 per cent effort - you can pack your bags and beat it.”

Scotty admits he was furious with Sarah and Jason after Sunday’s room reveal, disappointed that Jason spoke back to him, saying it was incorrect to suggest they hadn’t given it their all.

“Ten thousand people who applied, and you’re treating this with contempt?” he says of Jason’s response. “We were all very upset with them. And probably a bit offended, to be honest.”

Jason and Sarah’s budget has been a problem for weeks now. Even after being told they had spent $35,000 more than anyone else just a week ago, they refused to reign in their spending.

And this, to Scotty, has been his biggest disappointment.

“I think the budget is the most important thing on The Block, personally,” he says. “You have got your design elements, which is important. And construction. But without money you can’t build.

“If you put all your eggs in one basket, and you run out at the end - you have got a half-built house. So managing your budget is the most important thing.”

Ronnie believes Jason has been given one too many chances.

“Just kick them off the show and get another contestant who is going to finish the house. [Someone] who is going to bust their balls, stay up all night and get it finished,” he said on Sunday’s episode.

While Scotty isn’t about to go that far - yet - he does admit he can’t understand how Sarah and Jason, a licensed plumber by trade, didn’t get on top of their finances earlier.

“They never budgeted. Or had a plan. And it’s very annoying,” he admits. “They never looked to the future - right from the start. Sarah never knew how much money she spent at the end of the week.”

So is this one of the biggest disasters in Block history?

“Yeah, absolutely,” Scotty says. “This has never happened before.”

Scott says the only way Jason and Sarah are going to overcome their problems, is through a massive shift in their thinking. It’s time for them to stop whining and worrying - and buckle down.

“They have whinged the whole way through about being tired, and what have you. But everyone is tired, mate!” he says.

“We have tried hard to help them. I have given them more help than I have given any contestants on The Block. Now they just need to work hard.”

For their part, this is exactly what Jason and Sarah intend to do. And perhaps Scotty’s angry tirade is just what the couple need to fire them up.

“I have had a bad week because of some things going on,” Sarah says. “I know it’s no excuse for not getting everything done in everyone else’s eyes.”

Here’s hoping they knuckle down - and fast.

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