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Well, it was a night of mixed reviews and plenty of drama and whingeing, was it not?! But I’m very glad the boys took out the top prize and I think they deserved it. I can’t help but like these two; they’re so much fun and they seem to be genuinely nice guys. But I can’t not mention Dee’s super harsh bitching about Shaynna at the end of the episode. Definitely a step too far in my opinion. I’m a big fan of Dee and Darren’s style but the attitude I’ve been trying to ignore is bugging me now.  Anyway, back to the important stuff: the design!

Michael and Carlene:

Poor Carlene and Michael and their lack of a door! Thank goodness the judges could at least see they intended to have one! Darren said it was very glassy (yes glassy, not classy!) and fitting for the Block Glasshouse. Neale loved the joinery, sink and benchtop but found the room a bit cold. Shaynna said the pendants didn’t really work and they would have been better off with something in a timber finish. Darren, on the other hand, said he wouldn’t change anything and they’d done a really amazing job. And let’s just not talk about the dried flowers…

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Chirs and Jenna:

This bathroom made Carlene and Michael’s missing door seem like nothing! Although it was full of great features, the judges couldn’t ignore the fact it was seriously unfinished (despite them carrying on working for 10 minutes after Scotty blew the whistle (naughty!). Shaynna loved the texture and shadows of the geometric tiles. I’m still undecided. I love the concept of 3D tiles but I wasn’t loving the scale of these. Brave choice though, good on them.

Everyone loved the exposed copper pipe leading to the shower and the fact that there was a bath. But as Neale said, you turn one way and it’s a bathroom by the contestants who got 30/30 for their main bathroom and you turn the other way and it’s a mess! Neale said they’d tried to do too much and incorporate too many ideas while Darren said he could see its potential and it was a real shame it hadn’t been finished in time. And just to put the boot in a little more, Shaynna and Neale both agreed the styling was really bad. Awkward!

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