Supplier Spotlight: And Lizzy

Artist Lizzy Anderson draws inspiration from music and popular culture to create her stunning portraits, choosing artists she admires as subjects for her work. And lookee here - even our own Scott and Shelley get a look-in!

Artist Lizzy Anderson of AND Lizzy

How long have you been producing your art?
I have a need to create that has been with me for as long as I can remember - I have been selling portraits for about five years now.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Emotions - I draw what I feel. These feelings are often triggered by music - that’s how I got started doing portraits. I wanted to understand the dichotomy between the inner thought, and the persona being projected by the artist. Trying to understand this, and then capture that in a brushstroke, is really tricky, but super satisfying when it lines up.
How long does it take you to create a piece?
That varies, sometimes they flow, sometimes they can be a bit more stubborn. This often depends on how introverted the subject is, or how much I feel I can relate to them.

Scotty and Shelley by And LizzyEven our own Scott and Shelley get a look-in! Art prints by Lizzy Anderson.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
A 70’s grunge mishmash in a Wes Anderson film!
Do you have a soundtrack you like to create to?
When I paint, I try and absorb myself in my subject’s art - this means I’m often listening to that artist’s entire discography, or who influenced them. I try to only paint artists I’m into, so that’s not a bad thing!
How would you describe your art?
Well, I like to think each piece is different, but with the unifying element of myself within each piece. This should be the case if I have been able to capture and project their personality. I like to use subtle but unexpected moments of colour - I find these are excellent tools to highlight the subject.

Artist Lizzy Anderson of AND Lizzy
'David Bowie' Art Print by AND LIZZY featured in Matt and El'ise Guest Bedroom on The Block 2019.

What does it mean for you to have your art featured on The Block?

A massive thank you to Matt & El'ise! I also have to thank Hayden & Sara, Courtney & Hans and Norm & Jess for their support, too (works appeared in previous seasons)! I’m very lucky. It's amazing to see a piece resonate with other people. I wonder what struck a chord with them and if I captured something in the portrait they relate to? I’m from a Design and Advertising background, so am used to constructive criticism when it comes to ideas and art - I see them as insights and am curious to find out why someone feels the way they do about it?

And Lizzy art
'Freddie Mercury' Art Print by AND LIZZY featured in Matt and El'ise media room on The Block 2019. 

Are there any particular artists that inspire you?
Musicians mostly - they often have a body of work that, especially over time, describes them really well. It gives me something tangible to tap into. Nick Cave is very inspiring, as is William Patrick Corgan. I am particularly drawn to self-made artists.

Artist Lizzy Anderson of AND Lizzy
'David Bowie - Aladdin Sane' by AND LIZZY 

Where do you like to create your art?
This may sound a little cheesy, but I find in order to really capture someone, I need to make myself vulnerable to them. This means I’m not one of those ‘studio share’ types - I like to be in my own comfortable space with my gear and music around me.
What does a typical day look like for you?
I get up and head straight for coffee! Then I do all that admin stuff – quotes, answer emails, social media - then it’s record time! I pick a record, pop it on, turn it up loud and start creating. I normally have a giant endless list in my head of subjects I’d like to illustrate, and what medium they might like to be portrayed in. These come over time from random moments in life that strike a particular chord with me - it could be from a random playlist with the right song coming on at a moment my mood was particularly susceptible to its lyrics or tone. Or it could be a new insight someone told me about a subject that felt unexpected, or contrary to their normal public persona.

View more of AND LIZZY'S work HERE

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