Art 101

Block Shop retailer Artist Lane talk us through everything we need to know about buying - and hanging - a piece of art.

Art 101

Let's face it, unless you're in the know, the art world can be a bewildering place - especially if you're trying to navigate through it for the first time. What to hang? How to hang it? And what's with all these different styles and tricky, technical terminology - it's bewildering?

We've asked one of our favourite Block Shop suppliers, Artist Lane, to talk us through it all, and we think you'll agree - it all of a sudden makes SO much more sense...



There are lots of different styles of art. Here are just a few:


'Contemporary Art' is the art of our modern world, defined as art produced in the late 20th Century or the 21st Century. This art style is a combination of various subjects, materials and methods. Unlike other artistic styles, there is no distinguishing factor that separates contemporary art from other art styles - it is all simply art created by practising artists today.

 LARGE SINGLE LEAF 1 PRINTS AND CANVAS by PHOTOGRAPHERS LANE from The Block Shop Contemporary 'Large Single Leaf 1' by Photographer's Lane.


Growing in popularity during the 20th Century, 'Abstract Art', in its simplest form, is works that do not depict a person, location or object in the natural world. Abstract art looks to 'break away' from the representation of recognisable images, and focuses on the relationships between colour, forms, brushstrokes and shapes to create its effect.

 MOJO RISEN | JULIE AHMAD | CANVAS OR PRINT BY ARTIST LANE 'Mojo Risen' by Julie Ahmad is a beautiful piece of Abstract Art


Emerging out of New York in the late 1960’s, 'Minimalist Art' is a form of Abstract artwork. Typically through the use of simple geometrics shapes, minimalist art focuses on basic elements and monochromatic palettes of primary colour to achieve its effect.

 FLOW 8 by CHALIE MACRAE CANVAS OR PRINT BY ARTIST LANE Minimalistic Monochrome Artwork 'Flow 8' by Chalie MacRae.


Dating back to around the early 1500’s, figurative art describes works that are clearly based of real-world people, objects or places. In most cases, figurative works are representational of the subject matters they are derived from. 

 THE CHASE by ANNA BLATMAN available on CANVAS OR PRINT BY ARTIST LANE from The Block Shop 'The Chase' by Anna Blatman is a colourful figurative choice.


Now let's talk how to hang - read on to find out more about that terminology:

Canvas Print (Gallery Wrapped) – Artist Lane canvas prints are high quality images printed onto a matte canvas with superior HP latex technology to assure a high-quality image. The canvas is then stretched over wooden bars with the image being continued on the edges of the canvas, this creating the 'Gallery Wrap'. Hanging devices are then attached onto the stretcher bars on the back of the canvas, making it ready to hang when it gets to you.
Framed Canvas Back Artist Lane

Floating Framed Canvas – Floating Framed Canvases are canvas prints framed with a timber or black frame. The canvas is mounted to the frame with a 3mm – 5mm space between to give the illusion the frame is floating around the canvas. A floating frame is the perfect addition to your artwork as it works well to tie in the piece to furniture and objects in your space. As our floating frames use our regular canvases, they come ready to hang.

Floating Framed Canvas

Giclee Prints – Giclee prints, or fine art prints, are printed on 180GSM uncoated matte paper with superior Canon ink-jet technology. We print on ivory-coloured paper to assure vivid colour contrast on our artwork. All Artist Lane’s prints come wrapped in tissue paper and rolled into a thick tube to assure your print arrives to you the same way it leaves us.  (Useful tip: You pronouce giclee 'Zee-Clay', it's a french word!)

Art Print Giclee Paper print

Framed Giclee Prints – Artist Lane’s framed prints, available in natural timber, black or white, are framed using high quality textured frames with UVstabalised Perspex for safe shipping. Frame depths vary from size to size to assure that profile of the print you is suitable for the size you ordered. All framed prints come with the hanging string attached to make hanging easy.Framed Print

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