10 weird and wonderful facts about the Blockheads

We asked the Blockheads to share something oddly interesting about them and we’re in for a treat of a series if these answers are anything to go by.

Andy: “When I’m in the shower, I turn the hot tap off first and see how long I last under the cold water.”

Ben: “I have a double jointed thumb.”

Both Ben and Andy will not say the word ‘mine’ in front of each other; they will spell it out instead. If one of them catches the other saying the word they have to do push ups. 

Kim: “I was born with a tooth. I had a little chomper down the bottom in the middle.”

Chris: “I love heavy metal music.”

Dan: “We really aren’t that up to date with technology at all. We’re a bit slow with it.

Julia: “I can rap every single word to 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ and I do it better than 50 does it!”

Sasha: “I can’t stand the smell of mandarins and people who have mandarins on their hands or are peeling them. It’s terrible.”

Karlie: “I don’t like concrete dust on my hands, I hate the feeling of it. It makes me cringe inside. That’s going to be tricky on The Block.”

Will: “I have a totally irrational fear of sloths, those animals, they freak me out!”

The adventure begins on Sunday at 7’oBlock on Channel 9.

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