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Romulus Copper Bath

4700 AUD



The Romulus is a hand hammered copper bath, giving each individual bath a distinctive and unique texture. It has an elegant polished rim and polished laddered plinth. The Romulus has a commanding presence and its darker tone with flecks of lighter copper is striking. 

A copper bath retains the waters warmth three times longer than other baths and does not need to be cleaned because of its anti-bacteria properties. Copper is a resilient and durable metal that does not corrode and is a natural and luxurious addition to your home. 

Length: 1600mm
Width: 800mm
Height head: 750mm
Height Foot: 750mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 50kg Approx.
Note: Each copper bath is handmade so specifications are approximate

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Shipping Costs: $500.00 (Australia Wide)

Delivery: 10-20 days

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