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Neon Desk Lamp

165 AUD

$198.00 $165.00


This unique desk lamp is 2 dimensional neon art and designed to not take up room on your bedside table. Stick it onto your wall, or hang it off a nail or lean it against your wall. 

The Lamp is made from 12volt LED Neon Flex and comes with a remote control dimmer. Its backing is clear acrylic perspex that is cut around the shape of the Lamp. 

Created by Carla O'Brien who appeared on the Metal Sculpture Challenge episode as the expert Neon Artist, this bespoke piece of art serves as functional light art.

Size: 31 W x 42 H x 6 D cm  

LED Neon Flex is a revolutionary replacement for glass neon. It is low wattage so can be left on for long periods of time without hiking up your power bill, makes no noise and is safe to touch. 

There are 2 small holes at the top and bottom for you to use to hang off a wall and nails are supplied or it can be attached with double sided velro, also supplied. 

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Shipping Costs: $10.00 (Australia Wide)

Delivery: Ships within 48 hours.

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