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Copper Flower Jar Set

50 AUD



As used in Shay & Dean’s Master Bedroom in Blocktagon 2015.

A pair of beautiful Rainy Sunday flower jars that includes a 950ml and 500ml  Ball Mason jar with a special copper lids designed for arranging flowers. This set is perfect to put flowers around the home, or use them to dress up a special event.

The flower lids have been plated, polished and sealed with a clear gloss lacquer. This means they will not tarnish. Our copper lids are universal and fit any regular mason jar with a 68mm mouth.

We only use authentic Ball Mason jars from America.

Please note that because the lids are crafted with a metal finish each lid is unique. Copper results in an antique look with some variations on the lid surface.

The pair includes two Ball Mason glass jars and copper flower arranging lids.

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