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Coastal Homes Of The World | by Monique Butterworth

29.99 AUD



Many of us aspire to live the life of luxury by the sea. For the elite few, it’s a fabulous reality soaking up their days in some of the world’s most extravagant and lavish waterfront properties. Whether it is the sound of the surf, ocean views to die for or the feel of sand between your toes, you’ll be enchanted by the stunning photographs of secluded coastal properties that showcase their premier locations, luxurious interiors and their sheer magnificence. Interspersed with cocktail recipes that lend themselves to these exquisite locations while also featuring fabulous dishes from various world cuisines, why not pour yourself a champagne cocktail—maybe even a Margarita—settle back and immerse yourself in a spectacular visual journey through Coastal Homes of the World

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