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Ronnie & Georgia

Georgia was 21 when she met her husband, Ronnie. Eight years her senior, he already had an established profession and was a single dad to Giordano, then just a toddler. “At the time, me and my friends just saw him as ‘The Free Drinks Guy’, but Ronnie is persistent,” Georgia laughs. “But it took a while. I was 21 and Ronnie had a kid, and I thought ‘no deal’.” Fast-forward a few months though and his persistence paid off. And, despite her initial reservations, Georgia loved her new role as stepmum. It hasn’t always been easy for this tenacious couple, but they’ve kept their eye on the prize, which has always been carving out a better life for them and their kids. Together now for 12 years and married for six, the couple have since added to their brood with Leo, 4 1⁄2, and Charlotte, 2 1⁄2. Everything they do is for their family. “This is why we’re doing The Block,” Georgia adds. “We want to give our kids the best start. We especially want them to go to good schools, and that’s expensive.”

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Royal Comfort Deluxe Pure Soft 500GSM Duck Down Quilt

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Confetti Rain | 2A0 Limited Edition | Unstretched Canvas Print

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Ergopedic Pocket Spring Mattress

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Modern Circular Round Mirror | Brass

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Vita Copenhagen Eos Feather Pendant Light | Various Sizes

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Lynette Velvet Cushion | All Colours | Rectangle


Evie | 35cm | White Silent Wall Clock | Various Sizes | by One Six Eight London


DIY Interior Design | eBook by The Blockheads

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Nordic Pelt by Abode Living | Stone, Charcoal or Hunter


Royal Comfort UltraBounce Microfiber Pillow | Single Pack

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Black Cockatoo | Framed Photograph

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‘Moment Awaits’ Print | Unframed | by Steve Cross


Royal Comfort Premium 1000GSM Bamboo Topper

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Brass and Black | Round Mirror 60, 90 & 110 cm

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The Secrets | Paper and Canvas Print by Anya Brock

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‘The Catcher’ Print | Unframed | by Steve Cross


Elle Criss Cross Marble Console | Brass or Black Legs | Pre Order


Bordeaux Eco Friendly | Runner Rug | Various Colours and Sizes

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Wild Roses Bouquet | Canvas or Print

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Charlotte Chesterfield Bedhead | Queen | Various Colours | by Black Mango


Decorative Hanging Planter | White | Medium by Angus & Celeste


Anastasia Mist Classic Rug | BACK IN STOCK

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Sleeping Frenchie | Black


Confetti Rain | A0 Limited Edition | Unframed Print

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