Navy Blue Pet Accessories

At The Block Shop, you can find things you need and things you just want because they’re pretty. We will surprise you with some clever-little products and designer items that you can’t live without! Or help solve that gift crisis for those who are always difficult to buy for. You can find something for everyone here at The Block Shop.

The Block Shop has an extensive range of window and door accessories such as curtains and locks. We can also help you out with the most artistic of jewellery including some snazzy earrings with more than a POP of colour. Safety on The Block is important, just ask Keith and Dan, so we have safety boots and work shoes as well for your own renovation! The Block Shop has a select range of bags, games & puzzles, home protection and security, flooring, books & stationery, heating & cooling, office furniture, office accessories, pressed metal, technology & gadgets and even pet accessories for your favourite small creatures.

At The Block Shop, you are sure to be able to find something for your outdoor space that you will love and NEED now!

You don’t even have to leave home. You can shop for all your homewares and accessories online at The Block Shop. The Block Shop has great shipping options Australia-wide and we have some great outdoor products ready and waiting to be sent to your door.

Navy Blue Pet Accessories
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