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Michael and Carlene

This down-to-earth and entertaining couple endeared themselves to their neighbours and the nation on last year’s series of The Block Glasshouse. After all their hard work, they were left reeling when the auction of their apartment returned them only $10,000 prize money. They had put their lives on hold to go on The Block and returned home with months of bills and in the worst financial position of their lives. Gracious in defeat, they don’t regret a thing and value the experience and friends they made. But this time they are back, determined to win and take home the cash prize. A builder and project manager by trade, Michael proved himself to be a workhorse on The Block and Carlene’s unique style earned her many fans, including the judges. After The Block they started their own design and construction business, Cedar and Suede. They know each other’s strengths, trust each other and give each other the space to get on with the job at hand.

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