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Hannah & Clint

This mum and dad duo from Townsville have built a house together from scratch but never renovated. But the Queensland reno rookies aren’t afraid of hard work, so they might end up surprising you. Hannah is an ex-hostess, now ground crew for Qantas and Clint is in property sales. They call themselves the A-Team. They’re tight and they fight, but they don’t hold a grudge. They’ve wanted to be on The Block “forever” and this time is the right time – it’s their time. Through their 11 years together they›ve had some testing times. The first came when Hannah took a job in Dubai and they were forced to spend 12 months apart. Clint was playing in the National Rugby League (NRL) at the time and couldn’t go with her. But they got through it, and a few years later they were married, had two kids, and were full-steam into building their dream home. They know they will face one big challenge on The Block – being away from their two young children. But this is a couple with their eyes firmly on the prize, intending to give The Block their all.

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