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Dan & Carleen

Dan, 55, Handyman, Carleen, 52, Hairdresser. From Perth, Western Australia. Dan and Carleen have been married for 30 years and have three adult sons. Style: Adaptable. These baby boomers are ready to take on the next challenge. Together for 32 years, with three adult sons (Jacob 26, Xavier 24 and Oliver 21), Dan and Carleen will be tackling their ninth house renovation on The Block.They are confident all this experience will put them ahead of the rest. “We’ve been renovating for years, long before some of our opposition were born,” says Dan. “It’s about time someone in our age bracket was given a chance – after all, we started it all!” Although Carleen is clearly in charge, Dan is the voice of reason in stressful situations. “One thing which will set us ahead of the other teams is how clearly well defined our relationship is. After all these decades together we know each other inside out. We know when the other one is out of their depth, so we can quickly step in to sort it out.”

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